May 25, 2023

Exclusive Bible

by Interfaith

There is a lot of conversation when it comes to Bibles, or I should say Books from God. Jews have Books, Christians have Books, Muslims have a Book, Mormons have a Book and Jehovah Witnesses have a Book. Each of the Books claim exclusivity. Would God make give us a Book that was for only one group of people, meaning it the book is written in Spanish, could only the Spanish speaking people understand it.? I am not sure how many on this site have research translation of language or used interpreters. The reason I ask, is that I am once again reading the Quran and the flow of the English translation is terrible. I have been to that the Arabic reading is beautiful.

Since I don’t understand Arabic, then I don’t know what to think. Some of the Bible was also written in poetry form (I am assuming that the Quran was written that away, maybe for the ease of learning and reciting it, as I have also been told that the Quran was not to be written, but recited only. It never came into a book form until after the death of Muhammad. Anyway, All language is translational and can retain meaning in the translation. Sometimes not the exact thrust of the word or language but close enough so that it can be understood. The Hebrew texts of the Bible were translated @300BC into Greek. In the time of Jesus, I have read where many people spoke 3 languages.

This is not even uncommon in Europe today, at least two languages. The Christians letters were mostly written in Greek as that was the more common language of the day in that area. If translation is possible and God is concerned with all people, why limit a written text to just one group of people who speak one language. I say this to say that I have been told, a person has to read the Arabic Quran to understand it. Even though so much of it is just about stories and information that already exist in the Jewish Scriptures.

Thinking required 21/05/2023

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