October 2, 2022

Gospel Jesus as lord of a here-and-now kingdom

by Interfaith

Even though this is about the Jesus in the gospels of the Christian bible, I’m posting it here because it’s a non Christian or maybe even an anti-Christian view. What I see Jesus promoting in the Bible gospels is not a gospel of salvation. He himself calls it “gospel of the kingdom,” not “gospel of salvation.” My understanding of his gospel of the kingdom is that it’s a metaphorical kingdom in which he is the king, a way for people to learn to live the best life they can in this world, and people enter it when they recognize and accept him as their lord, meaning a person to serve and obey above all others. In my understanding, that’s what he wants people to know most of all, and it has nothing to do with any gospel of salvation that is being promoted by any of the Christian churches today.

The part about him being the son of God only refers to him being the one that God promised to David, saying “I will be his father, and he will be my son,” and it’s only part of the context for Jews to recognize him as their lord. Other people don’t need to know anything about that, to recognize him as their lord, and enter his kingdom. They also don’t need to believe that any of the miracles, or his resurrection, happened in any physical way. They don’t even need to believe that he ever actually existed, or that God exists, to recognize him as their lord and enter his kingdom.

I’m not sure what to think of the part about him being a sacrifice for the sins of all people. That might have been invented by Paul. Even if it came from Jesus, again, no one has to believe it, to recognize him as their lord, and enter his kingdom.

(later) Each statement above should be understood as starting with “I’m thinking that …” or “In my current understanding …”

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