April 17, 2022

I wonder what happened to the Druids.

by Interfaith

I wonder what happened to the Druids.

Recently, at another meeting place far away, a druid introduced me to his ideas about Druidism, or is it Druidry? I never did get a chance to ask much more because that was the day I emigrated to here, an asylum seeker, if you like. 

But I did buy a book about the Druids from an ebay seller at the enormous outlay of £2.99 with free post. The author had researched the Druids through his lifetime, was a university professor and language specialist and he seemed to know a lot about this subject, but please don’t ask me his name or I’ll have to go to ebay and research my recent purchases before I can answer.

The thing is, as I read through the early chapters it became clear that historians, researchers and modern-day Druids cannot agree about the Druids……. only that they held Nature and all things Natural as dear, special and ‘holy’, which is why I was interested, being a Deist.

For example, some explain that the Druids held the sun in awe but not particularly the moon, others wax lyrical about the moon as well, which I do too…… I could bore you to death about the moon, in fact that’s a another thread (  ). Some explain that Romans loved killing Druids, really good sport, whilst others explain that Druid priests simply inserted themselves in to the new culture or religion as it swept swept over them…. as the people of an area were drawn in to the new way, so the priests went with them. I suppose that both of these possibilities happened, just at different times and in different places. But almost everybody agrees that the Druids held Nature in high esteem, even worshipping aspects of it. And that is what caused my interest.

As I approached about halfway through this introduction to Druids it became fairly clear that the Druids were mostly without a written language which is why nothing much has been left by these ancient folks, and the Romans and any Greeks who wrote about them could have been so filled with prejudice and bigotry that their perceptions were inaccurate.

Maybe, Could be, Think so, Think not, Possibly, Unlikely……….. these were the fruits of research, as far as I could tell. The great stones ‘probably were there before’, or so I read, so there’s not much point in a Druid going to fall on face before a stone circle unless s/he just wants to have fun with imagination….some kind of New Age thing.

Get it? So I have not got a clue about the Druids, apart from ‘Nature is it’.
So……….. what have you got? Almost certainly more than me……. I didn’t finish that book!!!

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