October 27, 2022

My disagreements with other people about the teachings of Jesus

by Interfaith

These are some examples of my disagreements with other people about the teachings of Jesus. Currently I’m thinking that:
– the gospel of Jesus is about His kingdom, not about any salvation doctrine of Christianity.
– the kingdom of Jesus is here and now, whenever and wherever people are serving and obeying Him above all others because they want to, and learning together to live the way He says to live.
– the Creator Himself has never entered into His creation, to be a part of it.
– the way that Jesus was conceived is not what makes Him the Son of God.
– the Holy Spirit is like a person in some ways, and not like a person in some other ways.
– there aren’t any belief requirements for salvation, and there aren’t any beliefs that can save a person.
– the baptism of Jesus is not with physical water.
– people do not always need to believe that anything in the gospels ever actually happened, or that they are about a real person, or that God exists, to enter the kingdom of Jesus and/or to be saved.
– the reason for the miracle stories in the gospels is not for people to believe that they really happened physically, but to teach some lessons, like the kingdom parables.
– it’s an open question for me whether Jesus was resurrected physically or not.

(Longfellow Oct 5, 2022)

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