October 27, 2022

My view of a fundamentalist Muslim

by Interfaith

Respecting some questions, here’s what it is.

I consider myself a fundamentalist Muslim. I even sometimes consider myself an extremist Muslim. But these terms might scare some people off because the media has created some special meanings around these words. It’s not relevant to me.

I have my Islam and I believe in the fundamentals, not the peripheral’s. Fundamentals are that you could go to war only upon other peoples aggression, I must spend money to free slaves, I must give what I could to the wayfarer, and the needy, and I must be a family man doing my best to provide to my family, with absolute loyalty, no cheating or sleeping around, and this could keep going on for a long time.

This is my understanding of fundamentalism, and I am extremist. There is no exception. My loyalty to my wife is absolute and there is no way out of it. I do not cheat people or/and steal. Well. That could keep going too.

I understand that a lot of people will have a lot of views so these English terms can be used as arbitrarily as anyone wants. I just don’t agree with them. Yet, I would like to hear forum members thoughts on this. This is the first time in my life I think I have ever spoken about this particular but simple topic. But when writing this I feel it’s a very interesting topic. Thus, if you are in a position to, please do spell out your thoughts.

Thank you and peace.

  Firedragon  25/10/2022

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