May 25, 2022

The Healers

by Interfaith

My late wife suffered from both peitit-mal and grand-mal epileptic seizures. Grand-mal seizures are now called something like ‘tonic-clonic’. She would have several petit-mal seizures each day and might have a grand-mal seizure every other night.

I 1973 (ish) I took her to meet Harry Edwards, a well known healer in Leatherhead, England. MY wife told him straight that she didn’t believe in any of it and was only there at my request. He replied that it didn’t matter if she was there because she had tripped up on the threshold and fallen in, so long as she hadn’t bumped herself too badly….She laughed out loud.

He said,’That’s fine…..It was nice to meet you’, or words to that effect, and my wife was amazed because she hadn’t said anything else and we’d been in his presence about a minute. I took my wife home to Guildford, she was most disgruntled about a wasted afternoon.

She didn’t have another seizure….not one and not until about 1976 when they suddenly started again. I made to contact Harry Edwards again, only to discovder that he had just died.

I can’t remember the dates exactly, but my wife didn’t have any kind of seizure for about three years after seeing Mr Edwards.

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