February 27, 2022

The Iblis Pentagram

by Interfaith

This Pentagram embodies the ratio phi, also known as the Golden Mean, and the Fibonacci Sequence. The Circle represents the mathematical order of the objective universe and the mastery over it of the Karcist (Black Maji). The pentagram represents the Principles of the Prince of Darkness in the role of Iblis, whose letters in Arabic surround the star points. The Pentagram does not touch the circle to represent the separation from the objective universe. The pentagram itself represents the Vitruvian Man only inverted now represents the Karcist’s antinomian nature against the objective universe. In the center is Iblis Šayṭān the archetypal separation of “I” from “Consciousness” independent of the Absolute.
The Order of Iblis
Æ0N 0f IBLIS Šayṭān


(Discussion in ‘Left Hand Path‘ started by ‘Amir Alzzalam 24/02/2022)

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