July 23, 2023

Absolute Truth

by Interfaith

I’ve been pondering the concept of absolute truth in regards to religion recently and I’m curious about other people’s understanding of this. Namely, whether you believe it exists or not or if its something your religious tradition teaches. For example, my past religious affiliation was traditional Catholicism, and the absolute, infallible truth of the Catholic Church was massively important.

I’m actively looking for another religious tradition to follow and I admit I find it hard to understand religions that don’t seem to have a concept of absolute truth, such as neo-paganism. To me, something is either true or false. For example, there is a God or there isn’t, etc. etc.

And if its true, it should be universally true (I’ve never understand the ‘it’s the right religion for me, but not for others’ idea). This might just be the way my brain is trained to think because of Catholicism though. I’m interested in hearing other opinions and thoughts on this topic!

Modesty 19/07/2023

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