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  • I recommend that we find a different forum for discussion. There are many out there, and this one has clearly gone the way of the DOGS & the pigs. Let the swine rend each other, for a change, and let THEM face the consequences of their actions ... in the only way that they are willing, once that day comes for each person involved.

    Good luck, and Namaskar
    AndrewX/Taijasi .. Ecumenist
    Perhaps, if he's the sort who doesn't enjoy that, he will get to encounter karmically what HIS OWN WONDERFUL, BLESSED TRADITION is leaving STAINED all over, I mean, upon ~ the psychological fabric of the youth from past generations and generations to come. No, if you want to find a person at who *routinely* calls out others, complaining and then going after EVERYONE who doesn't agree with him like the WYTCHFINDER GENERAL he wishes he could be (and perhaps WAS, for all we know) ... it would be Thomas here. You might message him, and ask HIM if he reported you in a fit of suck-uppedness. Wouldn't surprise me!
    sheena, I certainly don't agree with your xenophobic, misinformed, misplaced paranoia of non-terrestrial Intelligences ... but I don't go crying to I, Brian with all the bullshit about ad hominem as Thomas routinely does - right before he turns around and slaps Nick or myself in the face with a wholesale attack on all things & all people Theosophical. Just look at his recent jab at the "pederast Leadbeater," as he puts it. And this from the staunchest Roman Catholic you will ever meet, who clearly has no issues turning a deaf ear & a blind eye to common sense & Reason in general, despite the IRONY of calling out others for pedophilia. Thomas is just like the rest of his ilk, ready to defend the demonic wolves-clad-in-Catholic-clergy trappings, who enjoy `taking' little boys in the back of the rectumry [sic & sick] to teach them "God's *SPECIAL LOVE*!"
    Certainly not ... yet it is I, Brian, who has done what he can to ban both you and me at this point, and I suspect anyone else who doesn't play ball on HIS little golf course, the way HE wants you to. His site is a good idea in concept, but people like Thomas seem to be the site owner's confederates nowadays, and have destroyed the good potential of If all that was needed was a propaganda site for the R.C. Church and a platform for apologetics of the faltering Judeo-Xian tradition in genreal {CHURCHIANITY} ~ then certainly I would say that these goals have been *admirably met*!
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