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  • Hi Allen,

    I lived on Kaua'i back in the late 80's. I worked at KCC and I also worked for Robert's Hawai'i Tours as a Japanese Speaking Driver. It was a lot of fun, but I couldn't survive economically in Hawai'i, so I eventually left.

    Aloha a hui hou kaua!
    Thanks, NJ! I'm sure I will start new threads, soon, including on Bliss. Now I'm exploring the forum, learning the lay of the land.
    Aloha Allen,

    you should start a new thread, maybe under alternative or something explaining about the 'Bliss' concept. It sounds very interesting to me.

    Thanks! I've found that sometimes using the shift, alt, or ctrl key with the return or enter key will insert a CR + LF
    Hi Allen,

    I'll work on that. It happens because I usually have my security turned up pretty high and all of the text features do not work when posting.
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