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  • there is no reason to talk this was unneeded, lets forget about it i have done the most imporant thing in my cartoons.
    On Friday, you posted your 5 profile posts about me. You posted these even though the day before, on the forum proper, I posted this -I have done nothing for which I need for your forgiveness. I have not followed you...."

    I don't know if you will read this if you have, indeed, exited this forum, but I don't know how much clearer I could have been.
    into other forums I don'w want to argue with him, I only wanted to talk about G-d that is all. I won't post anymore here.
    Carry on posting. You haven't done anything wrong.
    We are all human beings with different viewpoints.
    Forgive and please continue to post. :(
    David it's not because of RabbiO. He has not complained. There's no problem if you want to keep the 88. @Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine was just explaining that people might take you wrong because it is a code used by neo Nazis -- but which you obviously are not. No worries, brother. Let's move on now? We like having you here on the forum
    I don't know him I thought he was good guy it's wierd what he is doing. I respect him I hope he respect me. pls tell him to not follow me
    RAbbio is wrong if he wants me gone i'll go no reason it's pointless. Tell Rabbio to G-d bless him and he shouldn't judge people
    side. I'm A hebrew Israelite I made cartoons about worship to G-d that's it, I say G-d thier way to emulate them
    kick me out look i have hebrew friends in other forums and I go well and have A good relationship. Rabbio is wrong i'm jewsih on my mother
    forums don't say that to me which is wierd you know I don't like nazi's and hitler . oh wait is this because of rabbio :O is he trying to
    It something G-d gave me on th 88 year that is very important and made know about G-d Hashem that is all. But you say promblematic other
    Thank you for telling me but no I won't I do it because of personal thing with 88 is something else. Something Special G-d gave me

    Your I/O moniker is a bit problematic because "88" is used by several hate groups as a shorthand for "Heil Hitler".

    If you're using it as a shorthand for your birth year, you could still use 88, but just use 1988. That way no one will ass/u/me anything untoward, okay?

    If you need help, just ask. We don't bite.
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