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    Francis king is moving on... adios all!

    ...Dear All, the time for me to journey on has arrived...I am leaving IO for pastures new... I request my name be expunged from the records, and my email addy deleted... thank you in advance for that, Brian... ...why am I leaving?... because, mainly, I am bored now...I have discovered that...
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    Check Your Privilege

    lol, cheers Pathless
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    Are there any vegans in this forum ?

    macdonalds are no crueller to chickens than what the State allows them to be... I won't watch the video- I've just eaten my dinner... i do not eat meat... yet, having just feasted on jelly sweets, containing pork gelatine, you can see that I am not a "pure/pious" veggie... why do I not eat...
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    The Pre-Raphaelites

    lol.. thanks astral...
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    well, shiver me timbers... oh arrgh... its amazing what people will do when they are really poor...
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    A little prayer for my friend

    hurrah! sounds like a positive move- try the drugs first, then maybe surgery! Did pray, but didn't want to add to the post in case I looked like a sycophant, or such.. glad to hear positive news... x
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    The Audacity of the Pope

    no, I agree with you wholeheartedly... It is precisely because Rome is a whore with no conception of hypocrisy that most people completely ignore what it says... The church is not Rome, as I have said here often... the church is the people... yes, rather than give money to the church you...
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    The Pre-Raphaelites

    astral... who did this...? .
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    The Pre-Raphaelites

    lol, yes tao, thats exactly who I mean! william waterhouse...
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    The Pre-Raphaelites

    yes- it was superb- beautifully shot, sexy cast, decent story- the paintings were great, too. Of the pre-raphelites, I always liked william woodhouse the best...
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    The Audacity of the Pope

    yes, I have been reading about this... Charity in truth... mmm...
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    Are there any feminists in this forum ??

    male and female, in his image, he created them... so, God is a hemaphrodite, or at the very least bi-sexual...
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    European Issues

    great britain also included the foreign commonwealth countries- in the olden days we called it The Empire, but when people starting shouting about independence we started using the term Great Britain instead. England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales all together make up the United Kingdom...
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    Are there any feminists in this forum ??

    One day all will see that women do not want to be the equals of men- that would be a step down for us!
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    New spammers needing the boot

    mm, sexy pizza... what's the topping? or should I not ask?