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    Holocaust Denial ?

    It's a matter of free speech and opinion. If someone chooses to deny the Holocaust, they should not be jailed. Is it stupid? Yes. Is it their right? Yes. However, for someone to spread this message and these lies is simply wrong and immoral, especially a man of faith. Keep your opinion to...
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    I have already made a couple of posts but I thought I'd introduce myself to everyone. My name is Ivan and I am a Catholic. I'd like to think that I am fairly friendly ;) and I look forward to having great discussions and debates with all of you. I will never resort to insults or anger...
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    why doesnt god show up

    I find that a bit insulting. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Arrogance is not pleasing to God. Step in front of him, not proudly, but humbly. No ones force is dear to God. The fool says in his heart- There is no God. As for the individual who started this thread. I don't think you...
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    Did God have a beginning?

    No, God did not have a beginning. Scientific evidence has shown that the Universe is expanding and therefore - finite. This means that time is not infinite and therefore matter and space are not infinite. God is eternal because he exists outside of time. It doesn't apply to him as it does to us...
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    Evidence of God

    Free will. The evil, corruption, and starving babies, and other ungodly things we see, and sometimes commit, are not the works of God but the works of man. It's lust, greed, and arrogance which lead to these horrible things we see. Unfortunately, it is often achieved through the works of...
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    Evidence of God

    Time, Space, and Matter are not infinite but finite. That is more than enough evidence for me.