What is a Foundationist?

Isaac Asimov was a prolific writer who composed such works as I, Robot and the Foundation. Do I assume this is not Asimov related this site? I'm not sure its supposed to be.
Actually, you're all quite right - I became so focussed on getting the main resources for this site started and compiled that I completely missed the boat on defining what Foundationism represents. Essentially the criticisms that I am re-inventing Agnosticism are quite valid - at least, with the information I've presented so far.

I'm going to have to set up a "Foundationist Manifesto", or similar, in which I try and explain facets of the believe. Yes, uncertainty does play a part, as per the Agnosticism article - but Foundationism is supposed to be more complex than that.

I think I'll try and get that written up over the next month - envisage maybe 10 short articles, of which the "Foundationism vs Agnosticism" would be one - and then have a less aggressive relaunch for May.

Hopefully the search engines will have indexed us by then, as well. :)
I think the difference between an Agnosticism and a Foundationist has been made clear! In the simplest way possible I can think of, an Agnostic is undecided in what they believe (is there God or isn't there? I don't know). A Foundationist is uncertain, but wants to discover the truth, so a foundationist is actually working to discover the root of all religions, and thru this we may be able to find out who or what God really is.
Indeed, but it still requires further clarification. :)

Foundationism is something I've been planning to develop a more explanatory philosophical base for, but I keep asking myself if I'm not using the wrong terminology - "Foundationist" sounds almost cult-ist. I keep watching out for a meaningful word that will describe the same concept, in a more profound way.

Anyway, welcome to CR. :)
I don't mean to sound condescending, but I really think your overthinking this way to much. here I will break it down to this simple.

Agnostic - is uncertain to believe in faith.

Foundationist - aspires to discove and understand the truth of faith.

I really do see it that simple. As fare as defining the differance between Agnostic and Foundationist. Now once you get into the practice, that is a much diferant story.
Foundationism a fictional religion from the science fiction show Babylon 5.

I wasn't aware it started with Isaac Asimov. Interesting.