uh, content?


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Hey bri: where's all yer pages? ??? I see you've got some web content up, but whole areas are blank? There's nothing showing for christianity or islam. Your site been hacked or just unfinished?
LOL! It's only the forum that's anywhere near completion - and even then there's stilla a few changes to make - namely regarding the graphics, which I am still in the process of updating.

Actually, thinking about it, I should warn users with a post about what to expect and what is coming. ;)
I'm personally looking forward to seeing information on the early canon of the New Testament. It's an area of much interest to myself.
I'm looking forward to seeing them up. :)

But there are about 120 texts to format and set up ready for publishing on this site. It may take a little while...
OK you got some stuff up. I'll let ya off! ;D 8)