Great apes face imminent extinction

this makes me really sad. If we cant look after ur cousins then how can we look after our own speceis?
I guess the Great Apes are like the litmus test for enviromental protection - if we cannot even protect them, then what can we actually protect on earth?
There was another report about chimpanzees recently, asking if we should consider them as within our own species group I think. Still it is extremely sad that we're wiping out every other large mammal from the planet. Man the Hunter hasn't yet woken up to the modern realities of the world, and the consequences of messing your own playroom.
Humanity hs a strange 11th hour attitude - where real and serious issues are only addressed at the very verge of the calamity happening.

So we may be able to start putting a real halt onto the big extinctions - not least the Great Apes. But still expect casualties. :(