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Common Sense Voices

I claim that one cannot enter, for the first time, into the territory of some domains of knowledge while listening to common sense voices. Our common sense will immediately reject some facts because those facts are contrary to common sense.

You must still these instinctive reactions because common sense knows nothing about many things. The physicist must still her common sense reaction at the results of some experiments regarding the inner working of the atom.

The inner working of human nature can be as mysterious to common sense as is the inner reality of the atom.

We can see only what we are prepared to see. Common sense does not prepare us to see many things. We have to creep up on certain matters and withhold judgment until we are intellectually sophisticated enough to judge their reality.
I'd say this "common sense" is very close to archetypes in our psychology. But it is more than archetypes. I think your 'common sense' takes part in other concepts also.

It has already been worked out in books of theosophists, and in Indian philosophical schools. They insist on that the 'common sense' (they call it like a "mind limitations of contemporary century" - it's my translation from Russian. It may be called other way, of cause) is very much limited. Limited by century.
For ex, in Ancient Rome people were both intelligent and clever but in general they couldn't feel slavery's not good. Yes, maybe several private persons said something progressive for that century, but they often looked at many things another way.
Of cause, century is comprehended in more common sense - it characterizes inner evolution of people, the level of their inner evolution. And want we or we don't, our century limits our ideas. For future generation ideas, being revolutionary for us, will be common and usual for them. Their level will be higher.

And it's another question if we CAN think with our own minds (or run from these mysterious "common sense voices"). Until the answer has been given we must share archetypes and superstitions with our nation.

Common sense—the unreflective opinions of ordinary people