Michael Jackson Converts To Islam ... Again

As sallamu aleykum ugh,

Whats with the "...again."?

Are we to keep count of others err's? If god counted the bad instead of the good, god help us all.... I think the part you should focus on is the he has joined a religion of peace, have some hope and faith he will do well find peace and all that man...... It is possible to change our stripes...
Waalikumus salam

No no, you are getting me all wrong here. The again thingy was about the media, not him. He apparently never said anything about his conversion. Its the media, after they were unsuccessful in getting any new news about his nose or boys, they started making news about his religion. Mike still sells, & so does Islam.

I love him for his music (since the days I was a young boy :D), whatever he did in his life is his personal matter. Everybody has the right to be a little bit eccentric, whats the fun in conforming?

If he did actually convert, its good for him. Man deserves to have some certitude, some equilibrium in his life. If he gets that, I am sure he will rise again.

The reason for this thread was to find out any credible sources. It seems all news papers are getting this news only from the sun, which isn't so reliable. And that was the whole point. There havebeen rumors about his alleged conversion since 2006 (And similarly about Will Smith, Britney Spears etc).

Ooooh I see then I apologise I thought you were going to yeah take a dig about him and gauge his faith, and so on.. *slowly turns around and whistles as his footsteps get faster and faster as he gradually beings to head for the exit*
If it's in the Sun farhan, it's probably safest to say it's not true...