Exogenesis is sweet!

The above article may not be proof that life has arisen in the depths of space but it, along with other studies, shows that the potential certainly exists. Bacteria, archea, viruses and phages have some extremophiles in their number that could certainly survive interstellar journeys. The range of conditions some of these organisms can survive is staggering. From -196c to +121c, able to take radiation doses 2000x that which would kill a man and able to lay dormant for 250 million years and successfully revive. These tiny organisms show every potential to be able to colonise the universe. All they need is water and that is abundant everywhere we look.

As the circumstantial evidence for Panspermia theory mounts it does make me wonder if the universe itself is geared to making life possible or if it is just an accident of chemistry. Like I believe in Gaia theory acting upon the Earth to create optimum conditions for life I wonder if the universe in some way does the same over much longer timescales. I like to believe the universe is in some sense alive, even if I am loathe to attach any notion of 'divinity' to that. And it serves to remind me how petty and egobound are our models of explanation thus far. We live in amazing times.