Kingdom of the cults


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I recently read a book written by a man named Walter Martin. It was titled Kingdom of the Cults. Its whole purpose was to expose all these dangerous religous movements. I am mormon and serving as and lds missionary I on occasion had people spit on me and tell me I was a member of a brainwashing cult. I leared to exemplify the teachings of Jesus Christ and just continue with my day and not retalliate. But after reading this book I was shocked at all the religions that made the list of dangerous cults. On the list was mormons, jws, islam, buddism, bahai, and virtually any other eastern religion. I got interested and started researching all these counter cult ministires and some even had Catholics and Seventh Day Adventists on the list as well. I read the book and though I am not an expert on any of the other religons. I do consider myself fairly well educated on the tenents of the mormon religion. And it was nothing more than slanderous propoganda against the mormon church. So I can only imagine that the same tactics were used against the other religions discussed in this book. I came to the conclusion that these typically evangelical counter cult ministries define cult as any religon I don't agree with. And since these cults are so dangerous the ends justify the means so its ok to slander these different religions. Anyone remotely familiar with Christianity knows this approach is not in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Anyway I was just wondering what thoughts all of you have on this.
very true , instead of focusing on the GOODNEWS
matthew 24;14 ,they have no thing to offer at all, and most of the ones that promote halftruths and falehood about JEHOVAHS WITNESSES are claiming to be christians .

there are lots of things out there , books, websites, ect ect which are set up to be in oppostion to JEHOVAHS WITNESSES,but those books and websites have nothink at all to offer ,most have really lost their focus .

I am glad to say that JEHOVAHS WITNESSES have not lost their focus and through it all they carry on doing what Jesus COMMANDED MATTHEW 28;19-20

yes JEHOVAHS WITNESSES have not lost their focus , and its all good bible based things that they are into, with no distraction at all.

:) its all about GOODNEWS:)