hermescience Vs evolution


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hermescience Vs evolution

i couldn’t find a better term so hermescience will have to do. :D here i wish to present a theory concerning an inner layer of meaning to evolution both ordinary and universal. we have discussed how all things from the atomic to macroscopic features of reality, are infact sets of communicative interactions between energies.

{1} here i wish to discuss the idea that evolution is actually communications between things, yes it may be ‘read’ on a chemicular level as it currently is in evolution theory, but also that such things maybe or always are resultant of communications between living entities...

{2} the staff of eternity; ...further that those communications arise from universal consciousness [not necessarily mental consciousness], both of individual creatures,{3} and on to an infinite version.

{4} the universality. betwixt the individualised beings [consciousness] or centralising conscious force, and the infinite communicator, would be a universality ~ a ‘soup’of meaning, infinite potentiality, omniscience, relativistic events, consciousness and entity [physicality].

in short then; everything talks to each other!
one way in which they do this is through universal balance, but we must not loose hold of the main function which naturalises the whole thing, that things just talk to each other, the rest follows from that!

the three parts of the universal balance.
1. the amorphic staff i.e. the beam, universally the centre or epicentre of all things and of the balance. has no properties of its own other that as used comparatively.

2. the pans of cadience, taken from the meaning in the ‘staff of Caduceus’; of where things placed in the pans are balanced on the scales. represents polarity and exchange.

3. the ‘hermescient’ element. taken from the meaning involved in Hermes the Greek god of communications. this element of balance is that which communicates, as between the other elements of the balance.

there are only three elements to everything in the universe and eternity!
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none of them may be qualified individually only in comparison with one another and the forms thereof. there is 1. information, 2. that which mediates this, and 3. that which concentrates or collects this into one place. e.g. mass and physical presence of a thing would fall into this [the third] category.