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It is a shame that in our little mixed-up world, things have come to this. However, I received a private message from Ben, moderating the esoteric forum (or serving in moderator role), letting me know that a post I made last night may be in violation of copyright rules. Thus, my complete post has been removed.

Folks, last time I checked, the story of the visit of the Magi to the infant baby Jesus was in the public domain. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share a version of this story - worded by One Who was there - because of our mixed up legal system. Even though On Eastern Crossroads was originally published almost 80 years ago under a pen name, with an effort to keep the author's personality entirely out of things, we do know today that the above title was written down by Helena Roerich.

On the other hand, quite fortunately, there is a Presence and Power of Unity in our world today ... bringing people across the globe together in a virtual space -- which can be as intimate and personal as the very words on our screen and the thoughts, the Inspiration, the Purpose which fills our hearts and minds, especially during this very important time of the year.

To further honor the Presence responsible for (or Known as) that Unity as best as I might (given what obstacles we still must face), and to share a little of the Inspiration that has reached me intact, I will simply post the link and anyone interested in the story of `The Star' can follow it on their own.

Agni Yoga - `The Star'

Merry Christmas, Folks