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Bishadi: I'm sorry I just don't understand most of what you just said. I do however understand and agree on your religious statement, that they (religion) has lied to their puplit and that is ashame. They have their flock believe in much nonsence

In which the statement(s) below share important truths

problem is, the religions have lied to folks for so long people actually believe there is some magical system surrounding god

there is: nature

all the rules, all the truths, all of existence is bound to the same laws of the garden (God)

(if) you want to stay out of the garden? then keep believing in magic (deceptions of the serpant (man))

if you want the truth, then put your feet back on the ground, get into the garden (nature) and learn as if your life depended on it


The point of the thread is, that many of the ‘far out’ beliefs, create the division and many have a difficult time with just being honest

The accounts and accepted ideas of uneducated interpretations create a divide between being honest and following the misunderstanding.

For example: every human on earth was born from a women but in some textual interpretations it is suggested woman came from man.

Absurdities are often key articles of 'faith' contradicting the laws (covenant). In which to apply the article maintains a deception rather than maintaining absolute truth and allowing truth to live.

Does this make sense or is there confusion behind what is being said?