Hallow be WHAT name?


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You probably know the dissapearance of the use of God's name didn't happen instantaneously as if it was a theophany from the very beginning. The name was used and step by step the name was forgotten until it was used once every 7 years and then after not even the High Priest use it no more. I wrote something in a 2 pages "discussion" but then again few participants and eloquent silence. Perhaps someone wiser than me can add something here. Would you take a glance regarding Shemhameforash? ;)

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I am sure you are able to discuss the information here, rather than have to link to other discussion on other forums. :)
Isaiah 19:18 and following verses, explain God of Israel IEVE (pronounced in English like EE-EH-VEH without any sound in the H) has an altar in the middle and border of Egypt. That’s Great Pyramid, the Bible Code even provides the sacred Hebrew inches in the text which is the height of the Great Pyramid. The name of God relates to number 72:

Or in math like this:

10+5+6+5 =72

Rabbi A.Marmorstein in his Old Rabbinic Doctrine of God admits in the first half of Helenistic period (3rd Century b.C.) the name of God was forbidden. But even before the name was pronounced once every 7 years and only by the High Priest. Hence there was a change of attitude regarding the name which was even included (part of it) in the names of patriarchs. If the name appears a fistful of times in the very 10 commandments and thousands of times through the Torah and prophets obviously there was a difference between not abusing the name or using it in false than forgetting it. Please, read Isaiah 63:19; 64:6; 65:1; Deuteronomy 32:21; Hoseah 1,9; Psalms 113:3; Ezekiel 36:19-23 to understand how the name was altered even using the name of Baal and Egyptian gods. Among them Yahreah, the moon-god in Egypt, Yao, etc. It is usually ignored the fact that YAH (as in Yahweh, Yahwah) comes from a root word meaning "depravity", "very evil" , "perverted", etc.

The name of God was forgotten because of those gods as we can read in Ieremiah 3:21; 23:27; 2 Kings 23:5. They changed the name of the Moon God Yahreah into Yahweh plus using the vowels of titles like "elohim" and "adonai" (god and lord). Now, it's pityful to see not even satisfied with this they went beyond in superstition even hiding vowels of modern profane languages in those titles, writing "g*d" or eliminating vowels in every single language.

In English you can't say why the name Isis is pronounced "Ay-sees" while Israel sounds like "EEsra-el" or "Ysra-el" if you use the same letters as prefix. Yah, for example shouldn't even be used as prefix and the use in HalleluYAH is a sufix anachronic in a text in Psalms mentioning a temple that wasn't even built at a time. The name was already altered.
That's why the Jew Spielberg in his Indiana Jones and the Last Cruzade showing a Freemason sort of rite, the heroe mumbles the name of God and went wrong stepping in a letter J (invented in the Middle Ages adding a "tail" to the letter "I" called "iota" in Latin and Greek). He fell down through a false floor and then remembers the letter I followed by the E. Indeed, Spielberg wouldn't say the whole truth cos we know the tetragrammaton was using the name written in a way to be pronounced like vowels, the 3rd letter was the V and the 4th was the repetition of a letter which was E and never a Greek "Eta" or H.

If you press "pause" in the film "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in the scene when an old wise man interprets the meaning of the Egyptian medal you can read the name of God in ANCIENT PALEO-HEBREW OR PHOENICIAN exactly as it was written in the past. I'm not using the films as "evidence", is just an example of how much do the Jewish people know but won't tell regarding the most secret of all, the shemhameforash.
You can check the second letter was an inverted E (as seen through a mirror, that letter was the anticipated version of our E like the ancient A was upside down meaning the head of a bull with horns). That's why is so important the text mentioned above (Isaiah 19:18 and following) because it mentions the name of God was to be worshipped even in Egypt, yet it's mentioned the swearing in the name of God using the language of Canaan, Phoenician.
When you spell the name IEVE the Anglosaxon people immediately think the letter "I" with the sound "ay" would mean something like in the words "wine, swine, mine". They never think the sound will be like it is n words like "sit, click, sin". The same happens with "E" with the sound "ee" like in "mean, seed, need" but it must sound like in "met, set, net" So, reallly the pronunciation in English is like SPELLING . Other option is like reading "J-VEH" without the sound of H. But how can you understand if the books always alter the things following the Jewish games? Sometimes they write CHanukah and others Hanukah even knowing the CH sounds like in "check, achieve, church" and not like H, even admiting the first H sounds but not the last. A complete chaos done on purpose. Yet writing the same letters (as they do) in other languages is altering even more cos that letters have another sound in other languages.

I suggest you to read Sepher chapter II, verse 4.
In order to pronounce the mantram or sacred sound you need to change the letters depending on the language. In Portuguese is IÊVE, in Spanish IEVE, the same in Italian and French. The Russian letters are different but I wouldn't write it in Arabian language. I will explain why this is needed.

Let's suppose you talk about someone known as Christopher Columbus. Are you aware that person is known as Cristóbal Colón in Spanish and Cristóvão Colombo in Portuguese? Well, all wrong cos the name was actually Italian Cristoforo Colombo. Neverthless, if I want to pronounce the original sound I need to change or transliterate the name in English for English speakers and WRITE SOMETHING WE HAVE NEVER READ, I'd have to write "Christo Photo Colombo" knowing that the letter T (in "photo") sounds like a soft "R" like in "gotta" and "photo" and PH like F. Even doing this we have to face the problem of lack of a visible written accent in English! So, the tendency would be like pronouncing the accent in the I of ChrIsto, yet the Italian emphasis was in the O of ChristO. Hence, the name would be like ChristO'photo Colombo.
Yet the name of him is not important but God's.

But even before the name was pronounced once every 7 years and only by the High Priest.
It is usually ignored the fact that YAH (as in Yahweh, Yahwah) comes from a root word meaning "depravity", "very evil" , "perverted", etc.
By the way, I'd like to add I don't know this cos my own intelligence. This was already known and in Peru the Jews from the sinagogue and also the ones in Argentina tried to stop a non-Jew to teach the written name and the sound, yet it was foretold the privilege of using the name was to be taken out from Israel and given to a "stupid nation". That would lead us to another issue about Shem and Ham or Japhet's offspring but I don't wanna talk about that. The name appears in several books and sites in different languages. But usually, there are no explanations as I'm giving here.
The fact is not only the name of God was altered but many things (Zephaniah 3:4; Ieremiah 8:, even the very Hebrew language. The sopherim added the signs.
The letter "yod" whenever they want they change it to "iod" but there was no original "O" there. If you check the name of the letter you will read something like "ived" with the sound of "I" as in "sit".



The name is hidden until now cos the FEAR of the name being used by non-Jews. Remember the enemies have been using DATES to strike upon them in the same day in different times.
I understand the name is related to EVE. Elohim was Aleim very much like Allah meaning "god" in Arabian language.

I recommend a book called The Cosmic Code made by Russian Jew, Zecharia Sitchin though he hides the pronnciation of a name and uses the wrong translation on purpose. We're not gonna be that naïve to think the Hebrews would say for everybody the secret of their God, aren't we? Yet 99.9% of the people who have read Yahweh or Yahwah think they are already knowing the secret! You can understand now if that false name or hoax is translated to more than 200 pagan languages it's required more than this to the fulfillment of Zechariah 14:9. Write the name with Hebrew latters and numbers and the translation in a pyramid shape and stare Jewish faces astonished. They will try to "correct" the IEVE form, of course, to deceive you from the truth. I have to say that name is already known by someone important in Russia (of course the sound has to be written in Cyrillic language) but I won't say more.

Please READ all the texts I've quoted, specially Isaiah. IEVE is a name with the shape of a pyramid. Now read this: