Raising of the Fathers


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Raising of the fathers

(second creation(islam)



There are many places within the Abrahamic religions that suggest this to be a real important issue in the end times.

No pun intended, this is from my opinion, and then each can make their own decision.

Without touching on any specific theological rendition let’s observe the basics.

In the sciences it is shared the 'atom' as being a base building block of life. Energy on the other hand is a little less determined but with a new ‘twist’(actually a real old analogy is being borrowed; being honest) allowing energy to be observed as the ‘light’ between all mass. As then the reality is simple to observe.

So if atoms are the base tangible portion and energy (light) is what enables any interaction to occur, then for any 2 atoms to combine, takes energy. And for the 3rd, takes energy once again.

What this shares is that the light of molecular structures is the life of the structure. (the light of life)

This progression eventually became a man. And if man procreates, then like any celled critter (life) it must give a portion of itself to continue living. From the man, a sperm cell, from the women an egg cell. Each has the lineage from the parents and a portion of their life (light) upon that mass. When they combine a new shade is born.

Now to see that in a pure reality, each person alive has their parents lineage and life within them. Those parents contributed for life to continue; thereby they live beyond the generation they are born within. Not only giving life to the new, but furthering their whole lineage to live another generation, by a choice! (I call that love)

So reverse the idea; that means within each person, their whole line of fathers is still alive within each child born.

This allows each the ability to look in the mirror and say. “Thank you” to all your fathers/mothers since the beginning of time. And if you know this, then you can honor them with a new life by giving of yourself for another generation to live.

As well with the knowledge of you, being their continued life, a responsibility to them means, do not dishonor them with being of self over consideration.

See how it all ties together?

Raising of the fathers, is to know you represent them literally as you stand; they live in you, alive and ‘in the flesh.’

Wasn’t that fun?

This ‘opinion’ is based from the learning of many frames of knowledge. In reality, most all ‘good’ knowledge combines as the differences are not so much of faith but ‘interpretations’ (a line of thinking I have recently learned).

But since reality is bound to truth, in order to verify the above, the sciences must also apply. The problem is, the math to perform the progression as shared in evolution goes against the ‘laws of physics’…….

Hence another item of prophecy is addressed; the reversal of nature.

Old books share that the carnivore will eat grass but that is not what I believe it means. I see it as the ‘truth’ of how nature evolves, performed mathematically goes against the 2nd law of thermodynamics. In reality is it opposite of the ‘reduction’ frame of chemical reactions. (nature per man definitions is reversed)

Now if a man had that math and could perform the framework, what a change to understanding that could be revealed.

Problem is, that the ‘name’ is not to be used like a toy (nor written, spoken) and in today’s climate of military any man possessing such a frame and care about mankind, would not allow it to be used to kill.

Kind of see the spot a nut is in? So what does the nut do, come to the children who are seeking rather than go to the fools for a sale.

No one will have the name until the 4 corners of the earth are represented. (for Peace, equality must be given, so 3 from each and the foot washer makes ……? )

Any like the ‘simple’ opinion?