The Soul and Time


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IMO the question of the soul's experience is taken too superficially and in the context of secularism. I'll post these excerpts for your consideration. They are a mind stretch and are worth pondering. The more we begin to understand these ideas the more we see that we don't. But such transformation of the quality of our limited perception of "now" is the calling of Christianity

In the now is all time, and to understand the now is to be free of time. Becoming is the continuation of time, of sorrow. Becoming does not contain being. Being is always in the present, and being is the highest form of transformation.

J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986)

And now three quotes from Meister Eckhart:

"To seek God by rituals is to get the ritual and lose God in the process, for he hides behind it. On the other hand, to seek God without artifice, is to take him as he is, and so doing, a person 'lives by the Son,' and is the Life itself."

"The course of heaven is outside time--and yet time comes from its movements. Nothing hinders the soul's knowledge of God as much as time and space, for time and space are fragments, whereas God is one! And therefore, if the soul is to know God, it must know him above time and outside of space; for God is neither this nor that, as are these manifold things. God is one!"
"...where the soul is informed with the primal purity, stamped with the seal of pure being, where it tastes God himself as he was before he ever took upon himself the forms of truth and knowledge, where everything that can be named is sloughed off--there the soul knows with its purest knowledge and takes on Being in its most perfect similitude."

We cannot experience "now" so we can see how far we are from the soul's life.
Nick nice post.

The mind is tender and is easily harassed in the noisy confusion of life so we need to discipline our minds to keep peace with our soul. In this way we can continue to wonder and see beauty in the world even with its fraud, strife and broken dreams. The person who does not recognize his soul, who does not commune spiritually is but a pair of glasses without an eye, a person with an intellect who is not aware of spirituality knows all the prices, but not the value of life.