Café of the dark time traveller


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below is a sample of my utter madness, lols it is designed to build ideas from, so we can chat about anything related to time and rebirth etc. it is mainly metaphoric of course, the ‘dark’ time traveller simply infers that there are no rules, it is what it is, just as any reality would be. y’know like with films and TV shows about time travel, you get time paradoxes etc, well the dark time traveller would ignore any rules leaving us with only the bare bones of what it is really all about.
in my opinion time travel is impossible but visions indeed spirits can transgress time. anyway, see what you think...

Café of the dark time traveller
here we arrive at a place where all time travellers are, with no exception. everyone visits this place at some time and hence all are here when ever you arrive. so here i am the dark time traveller, i have no morals nor ethics, no pretensions to any standards, and will not feint at anything you put before me.

a sit at your table and pull out a box of chocolates thence to ask; am i here, are these here. in reply you remind me that everyone is here and by extension everything, it is the place of all things. we can choose each and every chocolate in the box, one would be a life in ancient rome as Caesar, another in present day china as a merchant selling fortune cookies. there are no limits to the amount of chocolates in the box and any may be taken.

such is ‘life’ then, we take a chocolate from the box and are born, but to a time traveller ‘tis not so simple. a lady at the table where i sat retorts, i can take a chocolate from the box and place it in another box all of my own, for that is what time travel is. then what happens where we have a collection of travellers each with their own box of chocolates?

i could go to ancient rome and be Ceasar, i could decide not to invade gaul but to invade china instead, after all silk is expensive and the gauls have comparatively little worth taking, just a journey through parthia, taking it on the way, then on to northern china, where strangely there is a town there called li’gen. then what is stopping another time traveller from also becoming caesar eand doing something entirely different? if either of us do so then from that point ceasar is no longer himself and the future is changed.

you cannot, you can go to ancient rome and stand next to Ceasar, but cannot be him as that chocolate has already been taken.
so can i advise him to go to china?

no, imagine if you will that all chocolates are attached to a piece of string, linear time would then be a collection of those all tied together. you would be invisible, merely one who watches the show.

so what you are saying is that, there is only one box of real chocolates the others are imaginary?

no, the others are real, comparatively they are imaginary. no matter how hard i try i cannot make chocolates for anyone else’s box.

ok so that explains why you cannot objectively travel to a given place in someone else’s box, and yet the collection of chocolates is endless in each! so you must have ceasar in your box just as i do?

yes, if i take a chocolate from his box i may be in his imaginary/holographic world. if i take one of him from my box i may only be him in my world.

but there is only one box! so in essence you would be ceasar.

i would indeed, however if i don’t take it from my box then i would be him and would do the things he done because that is what happened! not that i am he and all others, but that he is the one who took that chocolate.

so there is no way to practice your dark arts? the world is what it is and nothing may change it from the outside. perhaps sir, this is because you are considering it in parts, the boxes are not entirely separate and the ingredients are all the same. only when you make the choice do the comparatives come into action.

you could be an imaginary being in anothers world, indeed that is all we are, the box of chocolates is both empty and full, entities solid and vacuous.

...try talking to others sat on the table over there, they may be engrossed in their own discussions, perhaps you can shine a light upon them to gain their attention...

I enjoyed this. I actually talk like this, so dont call it mad lol. To join in.

Ive been waiting in the shadows this whole time. For another person, whos chocolate box, would disappear before their eyes, as they realize this illusion.

So I walk over.

As I get closer, we all turn into chocolates and I'm watching one of the many travellers from the cafe turn into food. It looks quite tasty, and until this point of manifestation I never thought I would eat my own face, but I would now.

From here, The eaters have morphed into cocoa plants, capable of portraying worlds of Cafes full of travellers eating chocolates also envisioning this scenario. So i look away from the cocoa plants, to find a tree. It looks like the kaballah, but it has buds like marijuana. I pick one, and decide to roll it, watching it light as I inhale the whole idea. Eventually I never put it out.:)
hi pandamentionalbeing ~ whats a pandamentional being? a play on pandimensional and panda i presume. :D

no-one has answered this one before and you have actually joined in! :)

an interesting direction and take on it you put there, a hi kaballah eh.
so are you adding time travel via visions [rather than actual], to the tree of life?...
_______________________________________________ as we move forwards in any direction [eating our given chocolates {incarnations}] we progress up the tree of life until our centres are no longer attached to the trunk. with this i pause finding myself at the cafe realising i had been here many times before, and now it is my home.
firstly in ignorance then in full knowledge i retread the path of the ghost universe [where the place at ‘the end’ is the same as the place at ‘the beginning’, and hence it knows history in reverse ~ its been there and got the t-shirt].

the lady comes back to our table; so you are a composite, on the one hand you walk in ignorance having never visited the cafe, then on the other hand some part of you is the time traveller who has merely taken a slot in time and preceded to go there [be born].

indeed, memory is an entangled thing...
hi alex :)

haha yes. perhaps all tables are reserved.

...maybe all chocolate boxes too [incarnation sets].
Im only adding my own content to your thread. I dont really understand your question, and thats the only reply I will give. Thank you lol.

Anyways, to carry on once again haha.

After I never put the marijuana out, I start feeling the vibrations of all the other time travellers fingerprints all over that first box of chocolates, and then the sudden pop of the instantaneously blipping forth and slipping away of endless chocolates. It makes my time shift, and most of the travellers have travelled time. I decide to go to sleep, only to awake to myself bursting through the door with an apparently urgent message for someone who apparantly was meant to be there. I seen myself seeing myself and we both disappeared. Red.
My tenth birthday party, jumping onto a friends back while a group of seven wrestled, only to have him cry, and go home.
To kindergarten, shoving a suckerstick into a friends ear.
To the cafe. Suprisingly enough, I was already there. And this process repeated itself, Only to reveal the multiplicity of innumerable unfoldments of the self.
when you arrived at the cafe sure you were already there, your incarnations like tv shows. eventually you realise you are the godhead and all are incarnations of you, yet they are also incarnations of me and everyone else.

...who are you!

:eek: :D
can be anything, perception if you like, i just thought i would diverge. the main thrust is towards those glypses we get where something seams to be there but is not, then we find that it was there at some point in time [like jung had]. or deja-vu y’know anything to do with the idea of a timeless place that is not physical.