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As these forums are a new thing for me altogether, I have been a bit negligent with my posts and I sincerely apologize to all who have been affected. I have derailed a few threads and I, as stated elsewhere, promise to be more considerate of this from now on.

Suanni has been extremly helpful in this respect and I appreciate it. Please do continue with your efforts!

Peace be with you always,

Namaste SQ,

though we appreciate your concern, it's really misplaced :) generally speaking, if folks think a thread is being derailed, they'll let you know :)

all things being equal, i've not seen anything in your posts that was off topic to such a degree that a new thread should be started...

it's a credit to you that you are being mindful of the situation and are trying to be aware of your posting habits :)
I am very good at derailing threads myself, an expert in it! Don't think I've done it to one here...yet! Give me time, I will forget myself.

Brightest blessings.
Threads would find a way to derail themselves anyway, if no one posted on them. :)