What is the Destructive Force of Belief?


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What is the Destructive Force of Belief?

A brief perusal of history manifests for us the destructive force of belief. Technology increases the destructive force that we humans have; plus the obvious fact that technology changes our environment with lightening speed, whereas our intellectual sophistication is stuck in the mud of our ‘beliefs without wonder’.

The word “belief” has many definitions; we can develop a scale of belief that meanders between the extremes of casual guesswork about both mundane and important matters to beliefs that we willingly live, die, and kill for.

‘I believe that it is going to be good weather for the picnic’ to ‘I believe that the planet is getting warmer fast’. Beliefs at this level are about matters of little or great consequence but the belief itself is not about certainty but is about matters still uncertain.

The content of our belief does not determine its place on our ‘belief scale’. It is our degree of certainty regarding our belief, which determines its position on the scale.

Belief systems are often characterized by an absolute certainty of truth by many of their members. A sense of certainty plus a sense of being surrounded by treacherous unbelievers are characteristic of many belief systems. Nazism and Marxism contained these features; there is no circumstance or situation in history that cannot be fitted into their ideological views.

The mention of Nazism and Marxism as examples is not meant to imply that all belief systems are uniformly dangerous. These systems of belief run the whole spectrum from the trivial and harmless to unrestricted evil; from Boy Scouts, to partisan politicians, to Civil War. The important point is that these systems of belief can be exceedingly powerful and the membership is often dedicated to exploiting political action to achieve the group’s selfish goals.

“The act of belief is always an act against; it requires an opponent who holds the contrary belief.”

If we (Americans) watch the verbal ping-pong game between the Republicans and Democrats we will quickly comprehend that you can’t have one without the other. If there is no itch to scratch who would be scratching? If there were no socialism what bogyman would capitalism use to define capitalism? Could Protestants exist without a Catholic Church?

True believers are dedicated to the destruction of the unbelievers. Because belief is always against unbelief, it then is in fact unbelief. The believer and the unbeliever are two sides to the same coin. Each belief is defined by its opponent’s belief. “Both sides depend on each other to know what they believe…belief marks the line at which our thinking stops…

Quotes from The Religious Case Against Belief by James P. Carse
I do not really agree with this dialectic approach. I is not a force of opposites and division but of complementarity and duality

Male and female, internal and external, left and right, up and down, light and darkness. The whole creation is based on duality that can become one depending on what is the center of it: Love or hatred.

Atheistic Marxism promotes division and conflict as a process of growth and advancement. It is destructive in my opinion as we saw in past history.
God centered religions see the 2 sides coming together in unity and bringing out a new creation. Ex:Male and female give birth to a new child composed of both.

Are we opposite or complementary within our differences ?

I understand that life is made of paradoxes. When we hear that we have to die to live, we have to give to receive or the last will be the first or if we see that looking at one side only is not enough and create conflict.

I think that God being both male and female in harmony within himself is the formula we are attempting to create in order to resemble him
The way we look at conflict/differences can change the way we live our lifes