John Rabe: Hero Nazi


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This looks absolutely fascinating - a member of the Nazi party visiting China in 1937 is appalled by Japanese actions against Chinese civilians, and does what he can to protect them:

BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | 'Good Nazi of Nanjing' sparks debate

Risking his life, Rabe remained in China and, along with a handful of Westerners, set up a "safety zone" in Nanjing that is thought to have prevented the massacre of more than 200,000 Chinese during one of the bloodiest episodes of the Japanese invasion.

As Germany and Japan were allies, Rabe used his Nazi party membership to do all he could to protect civilians in the zone - including 650 sheltering refugees in his own house and garden.

With a flash of his swastika armband and through sheer force of personality, he intervened in acts of looting and attempted rape by the Japanese troops.

The diaries of this unlikely and unsung hero only became public knowledge in the late 1990s, when they were published in Germany. They have now been made into a film, simply titled John Rabe.
Nazi's of old are much different to "neo nazi" factions you see in modern times. Just because a man wore a red band with a swastika on his right arm, that didn't mean he actually supported what he -had- to do. Rabe is just another perfect example of "there is good everywhere" And he is one of many German Nazi party soldiers that have done good....

People tend to forget there wasn't much of a "choice" in the matter of being a Nazi soldier. This for certain shall be a film I will get. Wow... Two hours long.... Should be good, although if there are any rape scenes I'll have to leave room... I get very violent and pissed off if I witness things like that on TV.


I would just say... John Rabe.... Hero. ;) "nazi" has nothing to do with it.
One must not forget how many times the high command tried to assassinate hitler.
Not all germans were evil/criminal.
just like everywhere else.
It just takes a few rotten apples to get to high positions to mess things up.
Every country has its good and its bad sides.
Oh, indeed, when I was younger I loved reading about Rommel, who was regarded as a brilliant general for the German army in World War II, and both a worthy as well as honourable adversary against British and American forces.

He also took a dim view of the Nazi party, and I believe was involved in the plot to assassinate Hitler - not sure how much of a presence he has in the Valkyrie movie.

Also looking forward to watching the John Rabe film. :)