What's the real measure of checking a Holy Book?

No. Science cannot reveal what is not there to find. Science can however test the claims of faith, and does.

Do you mean that we can use science to examine what is there in the Books?

There is as yet no physical evidence for god.

How?!! Cant we consider His creation a physical evidence of God?! Your posts are physical evidence of you (your characteristics mainly). Do you you get what I want to say, Tao?

But neither can Faith find that truth. Faith can only find faith.

Well, Tao, this is not the issue. It is rather a question of what leads one to faith. Or, in other words, what deepens one's faith. Some has faith that is inherited from ancesstors. A shallow, taken for gratnted faith...

The issue, Tao, is that the spiritual experience one undergoes to deepen his faith and meets the divine/the world of unseen...to remove the clouds from one's heart, and recieve inspiration.. In other words, Tao, to revive, purify and cleanse heart...

Heart can find faith.. That's why, sufis who undergo spiritual experiences are called "the knowledgebale of God"..Their hearts are purified from any other attachment to anybody/anything.. Their hearts are present with God all the time...They are sincere lovers...Hence, their hearts recieve pure truth that cant be achieved by another way...

What I want to say is that: Can heart replace mind in order to get to God and connect Him?! Mind is a tool to prove the existence of an amazing creator, and heart is the right tool to get to that creator, know about Him, and connect Him...

Faith requires science to prove truth for it to be truth.

yeah, I agree, mainly truth related to God's creation in all its manifestation...
Well id say the Nobel Quran has science down to a T so ermmm
id say chronology.. The Pentauch then Torah, The Gospels then Quran. im sorry for my weasel words

it makes sense that Jews wouldnt want to believe in Yehoshua PBUH.. if you put all your money on black, its easier to say i was right all along if you dont like the message, then the glaring omission that 80% of world religions believe in Jesus/Isa. PBUH

Christians Made him better than he was and christianity is preferable to most people because of its is the easiest of the abrahamic fold because of the faith over actions viewpoint.. The Quran is well aware of this fact.

Then you could argue why then am i not bhahi.. because im not a shia occultist and am a hadith rejector =P