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My name is Rhonda. I've grown up around a diverse group of religious people. Catholics, an Atheist, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist, Presbyterian....yet...I have never found any particular one to "appeal" to me. I am one who has to believe in a religion 100%...I must be willing to live it. I see too many who pick and choose what they wish to follow out of a religion and disregard the rest. Do not get me wrong...I believe in live and let live....I just have the choice to live my life...as I see best for me. I do not post much here...but I read almost everyday and there are a few religions here...that are of great interest to me. I believe....religion is not something that should be violent, cruel...or so far to the left or the right. I personally believe...it should be peaceful, full of harmony, and should be balanced. Perhaps...I live in my own little world... ;) Yet..in my heart...this is what I believe.