Probe rules out 9/11 links to Iraq


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Anyone who thinks that the Bush administration isn't simply trying to bang their own propaganda drum, and make America march in step through fear and initmidation, simply has to look at the past few days.

Monday: Dick Cheney states that Iraq has clear and long-established links to Al Qaeda.

Tuesday: Cross-party US national commission finds absolutely no evidence for any credible links between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

So...let's recap - no Weapons of Mass Destruction exist - that's reason 1 for the Iraq War blown apart. Now even America declares that there was no terrorism link to Iraq. Strike 2.

More on the story:

And while we're at it, respected US diplomats and military staff denounce the current direction of US foreign policy:

I'm going to have to copy/paste the names here, because of the distinct lack of partisanship:

Avis T Bohlen, President Bush's former assistant secretary of state for arms control
Adm William J Crowe, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff under President Reagan and ambassador to UK under President Clinton; has endorsed John Kerry
Jeffrey S Davidow, President Bush's former ambassador to Mexico
William A DePree, ex-ambassador to Bangladesh
Donald B Easum, ex-ambassador to Nigeria
Charles W Freeman, ex-ambassador to Saudi Arabia
William C Harrop, President Bush Senior's ambassador to Israel
Arthur A Hartman, ex-ambassador to Soviet Union and France
Gen Joseph P Hoar, commander in chief of US Central Command under Bush Sr; supports John Kerry
H Allen Holmes, ex-special operations chief
Robert V Keeley, ex-ambassador to Greece and Zimbabwe
Samuel W Lewis, ex-ambassador to Israel
Princeton N Lyman, ex-ambassador to South Africa
Jack F Matlock, ambassador to the USSR under President Reagan and President Bush Senior
Donald F McHenry, ex-ambassador to the UN
Gen Merrill A McPeak, former Air Force chief of staff; supports John Kerry
George E Moose, ex-African affairs chief
David D Newsom, former acting secretary of state
Phyllis E Oakley, ex-intelligence and research chief
James Daniel Phillips, ex-ambassador to Africa
John E Reinhardt, ex-ambassador to Nigeria
Gen William Y Smith, ex-deputy commander in chief, US European Command
Ronald I Spiers, ex-senior UN official and ambassador to Pakistan
Michael Sterner, ex-ambassador in Middle East
Adm Stansfield Turner, CIA director under Carter; has endorsed John Kerry
Alexander F Watson, ex-assistant secretary of state for Inter-American affairs
I, Brian, the only thing I can think to say concerning this whole mishugas is I think I need a cigarette and a cup of coffee. We (the citizens of the US) are caught in what I think is what is sometimes referred to as "a sandwich" (where there is a threesome and the person in the middle...well, I think you get the picture.:D )

I really don't think anybody on either side really wants the whole truth to come out. Otherwise, the voting public wouldn't vote for either candidate (or, perhaps, there would be a violent revolution instead of the non-violent revolutions that happen every 4 years [called elections].)

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Well, for the record and with all respect, the only thing I object to in the war on Iraq is that it wasn't done twelve years ago when so many mass graves could have been prevented.

On the issue at hand, while many daft Americans parroted the idea that there was collaboration between Iraq and Bin Laden on 9/11, no such idea was ever presented by the Administration. And I think this fully accurate conclusion that the commision has arrived at is not at all at odds with any stated by the dogs of war and yet has still been exploited by those who opposed it.

Evidence to show connections between Iraq and a multitude of terrorist organizations--including, but not especially Al-Queda--is staggering. Just not on a collaborative effort.
It may well be my misinformation from the BBC website but didn't Saddam throw out many prominent members of Al-Qaeda due to their connection with religious fundamentalism and the Ayatollah of Iran? Saddam was worried that they may provoke religious discontent between the Shias and Sunnis and threw them out and removed any connection just after the war ended. However, this doesn't agree with the information provided by the infinite pool of wisdom provided by the CIA in the name of freedom... ah well...
Abu Mussab al-Zarkawi has made this thread moot, I think. Saddam was a fairly secular tyrant but as soon as the Wahhab Najdi wirshippers stopped being a trend against the West but against non-religious power, he and the wealthy secular Saudis converted like dominos.

I'm still curious who's blood exactly was used to write Saddam's Qu'ran. It'd be quite the irony if he used the blood of prisoners and claimed it was his own.
Honestly I cannot still figure out How 9/11 happened...?

two planes loaded as most with Jet feul which is nothing...but High quality Kerosene Oil with a Maximum temp of about 600-650 C flown by two pilots who were repeatedly failed ( at least twice in case of Mohammed ATA) flew a quality precission flight and made WTC which were supposed to withhold the impact of a 747 ...and a wind velocity of over 150mph ... demolish ... and that too in a way like its a controlled demolition . ....completely....!!!
Watching the second plane on the day, it seemed like it was almost going to miss. Didn't look like precision flying - more like someone trying to wrestle the controls to hut the building.
Yes.... and second plane Did Hit rather Outside.....creating a spectaculat Flare Up meaning.... most of the feul was spilt outside creating that spectacular Flare which was captured by the Media present in that case it makes it more intriguing.... especially when all the feul or most of it never entered the building at all... being burned up outside in that spectacular Flare..