TheKingsmen; Oppression and hatred.

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לבעוט את התחת ולקחת שמות
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I have recently been following this, as I find it for some reason or another fascinating, It all started with some videos on youtube titled "This is why people hate Jews." Curiosity got to me and I watched all 12 short videos and then found a video from the Kingsmen which is a christian establishment (Chess club/bible shop/domino playing/charity giving/prayer and gatherings) in Arad Israel, run by Eddie and Laura Beckford. And it is this place which is the target in the previous 12 videos.

I find it unreal.. How hatred and oppression (by the Yad L’Achim and the Haredim Gur.) Is allowed... All the hatred, abuse, racism and countless other crimes they commit (such as attempted mass murder when they firebombed the building) gets turned a blind eye by the corrupt police force.

Do they not realise the bad name they give Judaism? As the youtube videos titles.... give the perfect example They are generalised.... Indeed there are assholes in all societies, faiths and so on... But, people do not tend to use the fine brush, they much prefer the broad brush.

I find it touching to see them standing strong against this bullying and harassment... And just wish I could be like them... How do they keep calm and not turn to acting like wise to their oppressors? The cops there would frustrate the **** out of me.

Anyway, wanted to share this... As it is indeed "comparative studies" Muslims, Jews and Christians... Living in a very small heated area. Thoughts? Will there ever be peace there while all stay? Is the behaviour of these Jews acceptable? Why? Should the Christians stay? Go?

Oh yeah link: On-line Praise Report For those that are not aware of it. The site is pretty amateur... But that is beside the point, also an amazing gallery of art on there by a person called Lura. May also want to search youtube if you are interested in looking into the Kingsmen.

Yeah anyway, anyone wish to expand on this thought with their views opinions, most welcome :)