SERiES; Primeval.

17th Angel

לבעוט את התחת ולקחת שמות
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Have you seen the little piggies crawling in the d
Ok.... This show sucks, lol! Watching it because Vicky is enjoying it.

But I find it's dialouge, understanding of time and just the style of it, lame and seems to be written by children.
However I will endure it we're on the second season now. There is only six episodes in the first and second seasons, and so far only seven in the third season, I hope that doesn't grow to, too many episodes....

Anyone watching/watched this?

Like it? Hate it? Improvements?

*sigh* What is going on with TV series at the moment...

Eye put it down fo' mah hood.
Never watched it before, but it comes on tonight so I might just watch it. There is quite a bit of junk on the SciFi channel but now and then something worthwhile comes on.
I usually watch political shows on friday night but that is close to being Sci-fi anyway.
Okay Alex, it's been on for about 45min now and I see your point. The characters are two dimensional at best, and the dialogue is a little too slick. Some sort of Mickey Spilane tough guy/gal banter characterized by clipped speech and Jack Webb endings.
Don't know how this show could have lasted except the public's expectations have obviously been lowered.
Not even Pot could help this lame script.