Relational Theology


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I've been getting into this blog that speaks of something called 'Relational Theology', which I'm finding to be in large agreement with. I wonder if anyone else has heard of this?

The Institute of Relational Theology - Relational Theology in a Nutshell

Relational Theology is a systematic theology that is founded on the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible, who is Love and Who Loves and desires true personal, individual and intimate relationship with man. Relational Theology is a form of Biblical Theology (meaning, tenets are based on scriptural declarations or descriptions), the unique perspective of which looks at relationship with God as the key to the understanding and formulation of thoelogy, instead of merely salvation, redemptive plan, sovereignty of God, free will, openness, process, etc.) The whole of revelational Scripture is NOT just about salvation, for salvation is just a small fraction of its discussion albeit an essential one. The Bible is about God's design for relationship with man of which SALVATION is the necessary first step, and OBEDIENCE to God's commands and design is the next step and Personal HOLINESS is the maintenance step

Because God is Love, He takes risks. When God created man in His Own Image because He wanted to share His love, He took one of the greatest risks to His Sovereignty, for a creature in God's image will have Free Will and the privilege of independence of thought and decision apart from God, as well as human attributes that Sovereignty can no longer control without changing their definition --- Love, Faith, Hope among others are Divinely-designed human rights which virtually exist BEYOND the CONTROL of ABSOLUTE SOVEREIGNTY --- THAT is the RISK that The Loving God incurred when He created man IN HIS OWN IMAGE. God's risk out of His great Love was the creation of a being who may not return His love, and with the ability to actually rebel against Him or reject Him...

Relational Theology is Love-fixated and Relationship-fixated in many of its Biblical interpretations especially of the most difficult passages to understand from a Classical perspective. Divine Love controls Divine Sovereignty and not the other way around...
I've never heard it referred to at Relational Theology but it sounds very much like theology as I learned in the Episcopal Church.