Regional Interfaith Discussion Forums



I am the administrator of the Hull and East Riding Interfaith website and have been asked to create a phpBB discussion forum for HERI members. Some might think it is better to encourage members to use a national forum such as this one which has an existing user base, rather than maintain a separate site with a handfull of posts related to a specific region.

My question is, is there any scope for having a section on this site for specific regional interfaith forums (which I could then direct HERI members at)?
Good question, and thank you for asking.

I will flag this thread for review so that our Administrator Brian can make that call.
I guess it helps when the admin is originally from Hull. :)

Sure, I'd be happy to provide a dedicated board for HERI here - that should certainly be helpful in that we've made big strides in dealing with spam and security issues - these are especially important because phpbb is a walking security risk - wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.

Feel free to send an email to admin at and I'll be happy to discuss it. :)