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Have you been baptized ?

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i was baptized as a child maybe around 10 yo, but i was fully aware of its significance and i believed in my faith and understood it.
I was baptized as an infant and rejoice in God's infinite grace and love that this is sufficient.

It is a wonderful thing when we grow into an intellectual understanding of God's sovereignty in our lives, and a deeper understanding of his love and mercy. It's a satisfying thing to enrich our knowledge in how Christ fills our lives and saves us. But, you don't need an intellectual assent to be nourished by the Holy Spirit.

For the record, in our church we do not baptize babies to save them from hell in case they die young. We trust God to take care of each one of us, regardless of our baptized state. The sacraments all go together, and for us to receive communion we must be first baptized. And we think babies and children are nourished by the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist just as adults are.