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Umma/Ummah is a word and concept that I've seen referenced elsewhere, but I'm not actually sure on the proper technical and poetic application of it.

I'm under the impression that an umma is a oneness - a oneness of people or community. But is that really a proper impression?

I would be grateful if someone who educate a little better what this actual term means.
I've always been confused by that as well. I just assume its one of them there multi-meaning words. I've seen it used to refer to just about any kind of group. I'm sure the orthodox definition would be community of believers or something. But we all know how subjective that term is.
Ummah is derived from the root word "Umm" which means mother.

Ummah means to be united as being of one mother, under one platform........... like brothers and sisters. :)

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BTW,guys although i have read everywhere that word ummah refers to muslim community but it is me only who have doubts cos of some hadiths...cos our beloved prophet when spoken word 'Ummah' he meant all people of this world(either muslims or cristians or jews or hindus etc)..but word 'muslim ummah' should b a correct word to refer muslims community....He often spoke "my ummah"(people of this world to whom message of God I m conveying).

"[font=Courier New,Courier]I am the last of the prophets and you are [/font][font=Courier New,Courier][size=+1]the last of the Ummahs (nations)[/size][/font][size=+1]."[/size]

hmm i m not sure if i m right but i m sure at least 70% and I have found that word ummah refers to all those people who born during and after Muhammad(Pbuh)'s period.any one who can clear me.

In urdu(language) word 'ummat' is used for word Ummah.

hello all,

I have tried google and here it goes I guess i was right .Generally Ummah means all people to whom Muhammad's mission was to convey message(during and after Muhammad(Pbuh)...then again Ummah is divided in two terms.One called

1-Ummah of Da'wah(invited)
2-Ummah of response.(muslims cos they respond to dawah)

Ummah=Ummah of Da'wah+ummah of response.
Ummah=non muslims(invited ones)+muslims(who responded and accepted Islam)

Here are hadiths where I finally got :-

. "We believe that all of the apostles and Prophets and their followers are one single nation: the ummah (nation of iman(faith)), as Allah says: "Verily this Ummah of yours is one single ummah, and I am your Lord, therefore worship Me(1). "
(1) cf. Qur'an: 21.92

"All mankind descended from Adam, and Adam has a position of honour with Allah. All mankind is created to worship Him. It is incumbent on the da'ee to exert the utmost effort to make people aware of the duty Allah created them to fulfill(1). "

"Everyone since the time of the mission of Muhammad belongs to the ummah of Muhammad (the ummah of da'wah), and those who have accepted the message conveyed by him belong to the ummah of Muhammad (the ummah of response)(3). "
(3) Lest one be confused with the terms (the ummah of da'wah) and (the ummah of response) mentioned in article 107, it should be born in mind that Allah the Exalted, sent each and every prophet to his own people. However, He made Muhammad(Peace be on Him) the Seal of Prophets and made his message a universal one. As such, every human being existed at the time of Muhammad's mission or thereafter belongs to the universal nation of Muhammad(Peace be on Him) which is referred to as (the ummah of da'wah), while the term (the ummah of response) applies only to those who accepted the Divine mission of Muhammad(Peace be on Him) (i.e., Islam). There are numerous references in the Qur'an confirming the universality of Islam in which Allah addresses mankind at large to respond to the message with which He sent Muhammad, such as: Say (O Muhammad): "O mankind! Verily I am Allah's Apostle to you all" 7.158 "... and We did not send you except as a mercy to the worlds." 21.107

hope above will help us to understand word ummah.:)