The Pre-Raphaelites

Not to ressurect this thread but I must say I love the pre Raphaelites myself although I am partial because of their redheaded women (being a redhead myself who prefers older fashions and styles) and also because the paintings go so well with the Romantic poets. When I was younger I had a real thing for Keats and Wordsworth and Blake. Sometimes to my annoyance people tell me I look just like a pre raphaelite woman (and like Tao I actually modelled as Ophelia for artist because she said my nose and face shape are rare and with the long hair, it was a good match hahahaha). I find it all annoying, not because I don't like the paintings but because I don't think the redheaded women are very beautiful. I think the dark haired girls are usually far more shapely and less otherworldly.

I am at present very much excited about the later Venetian Renaissance painters (and not necessarily Titian).

Desperate Romantics was good though ... I just get picky overthe historical bits.