Take heed to these dates lol.

17th Angel

לבעוט את התחת ולקחת שמות
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Have you seen the little piggies crawling in the d
Heed dates people...


Check this advert out ;)


And the lottery prediction has already happened. (yesterday)


This shall be explained tomorrow as the first video states.... So, *claps hands together.* thoughts? It's cool... Cause now I "get" Brown.... It is perfection to watch it.

Hi, Im a new guy here.

I wasn't very convinced I'm afraid.

His nonsense about not being able to reveal the numbers due to regulations for a start.

Then his waiting for the last ball to be drawn only to dismiss it with a cast off line about not being interested in it actually allowed the last number to be printed on the last ball.

There are several ways this can be done. The most favoured would be the new printers that will print onto shapes like golf balls. The half way clear perspex holder (mirror) could have hidden the rotating mechanisms.

The other way would be an infra red laser burning the number images into the heat sensitive coating on the ping pong ball like balls. This would explain the need for the perspex holder.

The other tricks were worse especially the girl with the blindfold - Obviously she wrote nothing on the board; that had already been done by the assistant before it was handed to DB.
End is nigh? lol... Interesting handle.

Uhm... No it is actually down to odds, maths and many calculations..... It's taken a year of work I am sure. Tonight anyway as it says in the original clip... He will be explaining how to do it.... Lasers and mirrors and printing machines lol..... Yah, ok.

Because he didn't calculate the bonus ball that is a reason to not be impressed? lol... Some people just can't be pleased eh?

The reason I would say for not telling you the numbers before the draw, I would say is so his work isn't milked on by others... Say you take years to figure a system.. (all systems -can- be figured.) And you then told someone else.... And they went off to profit... That'd piss you off right?

He does this kind of stuff to show how it is really possible to manipulate systems that would be deemed impossible... Other fine examples when he did over horse racing tracks and dog racing tracks lol..... But he gave all the money back, he just wanted to show it can be done ;)

.....What girl?
You may (treading carefully here not wishing to upset the wise and mighty) have misunderstood my reference to the bonus ball. He made us watch it even though he had no intention of revealing it because he needed the time for the printer to finish the last ball.

His assertion that he could reveal the balls before the draw was complete bunkum. He could at least have had the correct colours! When has it been a regulation that someone couldn't suggest a set of six numbers on the television. Everyone who plays does it in one form or another. It's not illegal to film and broadcast a purchased ticket unless we turned into a police state overnight

- Oh maybe it is?

The racing track business was impressive. However, there's no guarantee stooges weren't used. His assertion that if you confront people about what the facts are is probably true. People tend to believe what is asserted by an authority figure. Hey look at the Daddy Xmas situation. Anyone approaching a booth insisting they have a winning ticket and being backed by a television crew would possibly get away with more than the man in the street.