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In communist countries there is censorship but even in democratic countries there is censorship also. A lot of newspapers simply won't print your letter, not good enough for us, is the usuall excuse.

And now we move on to forum censorship. Looks like my thread on Tarzan got censored pretty quickly. Any time posts stop after a while it makes sense to close the thread but that was not the case here.

I would have like the jewish person to answer my questions. I would have liked a black person to tell me how he felt towards my examples.

There are threads on this board with 252 messages, I guess they are all enlightening and really thoughtful. While silly mine with just 52 messages must be shut down!

Oh yeah this was from people defending free speech. Free speech indeed.
I like the thread on what is the best political system and would like to respond to it. I see that the last post was on August 22nd, almost a month ago, yet I can still post!

I guess there are some issues one must not raise. Too troubling.
The fact that you can compare Tarzan with Mein Kamf, Intrfaith.org with communism, and suggest the site is racist, really are the sort of trollish comments I have no time for.

If you believe you have a God-given right for every newspaper or magazine to publish your letters, that is entirely your opinion to have.

However, IO still reserves the right to moderate discussions on the boards where they are seen to be working against the spirit of the site. That's what moderated forums do.

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