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Parasitic Entities & Spirit Guides

Knowing how to discern the type and the actions of certain entities is an ability that is often underdeveloped and could be potentially dangerous if a spiritual seeker attaches themselves to a spirit of the parasitic variety. Many people that I have come into contact with in my years of service have opened the proverbial Pandora's box by going blindly into communication with them, or trusting their health and welfare to an inexperienced human amateur regarding spirits. The seeker rarely questions the motives of these entities, or the cash cow of the billion dollar a year industry that spirituality has become. With that kind of money being passed around, it invites all sorts of charlatans and woefully inexperienced individuals into the mix, and there are virtually millions upon millions of parasitic entities out there more than happy to receive a free host.

I have seen too many take it for granted that because spirits are not physical, that they must be more aware then humans as to the workings of the divine and creation. The truth is, nothing could be further than the truth. First of all, let us examine exactly what these spirits are. A spirit is nothing more than a disembodied human. The Self sheds the body, but because it did not awaken during incarnation, it will spend whatever duration of eternity earthbound.

Attached to another body as a parasite, this survival-mode unconscious Self functions through the energy produced by that body in the act of consumption of emotional energy - which is like manna to them. Without a body, and unable to produce energy to sustain itself, an earthbound Self attaches itself to the most likely candidate that is still incarnated (be it a loved one, a friend, or someone they resonate with through appetities such as smoking or drinking). Physical consumption is changed to emotional energy consumption. Both forms are fuel, and both forms of energy allow a confused survival-driven Self to stay earthbound.

Stripped away of the romanticism, and mysterious nature of a personality existing without a form, we can soon begin to get a picture of the unhealthy relationship of parasite and host that has existed nearly unchecked for millenia between embodied humans and disembodied humans. Many spiritual seekers never question the identity or motives of "helpful" entities, and fall headlong into the romanticism of having a special relationship with a very 'knowledgable' teacher in spirit form. I do not make these observations without experience. I have nearly 9 years background working in removing parasitic entities in my healing service.

I also had a circle of spirit guides myself in my early years as a seeker that I was constantly questioning and staying on top of any discrepancies in their "messages". I learned the hard way several times that it is fairly easy for another spirit to come along and pretend to be the truly helpful guides that we have come to trust. It takes a very acute discernment to tell the difference between an altruistic entity, and one who is seeking a host to parasite off of. They are exceptionally cunning at telling their hosts whatever they emotionally desire to hear.

What awoke me from complete trust in these spirits was noticing the fact of how often their guidance was simply not correct in sitting with other seekers. When the romanticism wore off in the very beginning of my work, I began to perceive many more characteristics that went unnoticed in the emotional high that existed in this astral level relationship with spirits. Perhaps the best place to observe the workings of spirit is to watch an amateur medium at work. I have witnessed how these 'guides' and 'teachers' in spirit have danced around being asked straight questions, and how vague any information they give is.

It always surprises me, especially in the act of 'channeling', how the observers never realize that what is being channeled could just as well be channeled by a 13 year-old girl. But lost in the emotional romanticism, the person loses their ability to discern just how sophmoric the message is. Mediums, at best, are maybe one-third to half of the time correct with the information that spirits give forth. The very act of communicating with a higher vibration that can only be accessed with any degree of success by subjective means would presuppose difficulty.

One cannot blame spirits for taking on this role of parasite, as it is a survival mechanism on their part. Finding themselves without a body at death, most spirits will either go to the light to become astral in nature (not requiring physical bodies to parasite off of), or if attached earthbound because of appetites or emotional connection (whether good or bad) to someone/something left behind, they are doing what any unhealthy egoic Self would do - survive. Without the body, to survive, they must attach to another unconscious egoic Self that still possesses a physical body.

I think that it starts out simple, attaching to a loved-one or like minded, like addicted person. But after time, they must come into a knowing that religious and spiritual people give off much more energy, which means a feast instead of famine. They also learn quickly what buttons to push to get you emotionally on a roll. It is my understanding that only those humans who are the basest level of awareness - physical/material - are the ones who become parasitic. Of course, that makes up the majority of human beings' awareness.

My words are likely not going to convince anyone that aligning themselves with spirits, without a considerable amount of tutelage in discernment, is not a very wise idea if you intend on expanding into Self awareness ever. It will likewise not register with most astral level seekers that if they are still in relationship with astral aware spirits, that they are not very advanced in awareness. Astral spirits simply cannot resonate with a mystical/esoteric vibration, which is beyond their scope. Self awareness is a level even beyond that, so hanging around astral guarantees another incarnation.

What I would suggest, for those who are open to at least questioning their relationship with spirit, is this:

1) Do the research on them. When they give you an identity, such as Chief LottsaBull, or Cleopatra, or Jesus, etc etc...question them, and do not accept half answers and dancing around to avoid confrontation. If they truly possess such a wealth of information, then they should know the basics such as...full name, place of incarnation, date of incarnation, description of surroundings during incarnation. And check the facts. If it is a so-called famous person, especially religious figures like Jesus, or Mary, etc, ask yourself why is this person working with me, and if it is so, does my work and emotional state reflect being aided by such a master spirit?

2) Question your own motives. How does your relationship with this spirit make you feel? Are you feeling special because they found you and are working with you? Are you ignoring all the times that this spirit has steered you wrong, or didn't know anything that you couldn't have figured out yourself? Is it fear of self-reliance that keeps you needing an external teacher and guide?

3) Here is a very important thing, which will take some self-examination on your part. Every time you find yourself heading towards anything that will aide you in breaking into expanded Self awareness, do you find your mind going blank? Do you find yourself getting agitated? Distracted by thoughts pouring in? Feeling ill? A spirit knows that you entering into higher awareness represents the death of your relationship with it. It will not want you to gain access to a vibration that it will not be able to feed upon. A spirit survives off your energies by becoming very intimately meshed within your aura (emotional body), and can push your buttons at will, because being intimately attached to your aura is knowing you emotionally through and through. This should be sobering.

4) The best test there is of their motives is simple. Tell them you wish for them to leave you be for awhile so that you can center your attention on studying Self awareness, which of course will mean that you will not need their services any more. Then watch how they react to this information. If they are adept at being a parasite, having moved from person to person over lifetimes, then they will acquiesce. But watch for the symptons of #3.

This information is not meant to be a teaching. It is my perceptions, based on my experiences, during and after my relationship working with, and removing spirits from a parasitic role with people. If you are not even remotely going to question your relationship with spirit, then I would guess that you are where you will be. Having understood better what a parasitic entity is, I am earnestly gaining awareness that will have me detached from the physical plane, so that I am not going to find myself in this role of parasite to humanity. Once a smoker, always a smoker is very sobering to me. I know my physical appetites, and am not pollyannish enough to assume that I would not become a parasitic entity myself. That would be hell.

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in the last year or so i have learned alot about these spirit guides on the internet.Pagans, wiccans and especially ceremonial magicians thats what they do make a circle... protect themselves...then protect themselves more and call down spirts.then to hear these guys ragging on kids about using a ouji board warning them you have no IDEA WHAT YOUR GETTING INTO made ME start to listen. i would really like to be a fly on the wall during one of those 8th generation oto ceremonies...well maybe not.Evan Kundalini Yogis give the same warnings-start dealing with energy,chakras,and raising consciousness there appear those spirit guides.christianity has the holly spirit...does it speak to them? pseudonymous you might find this intresting

Kundalini Vidya

Joan Shivaarpita Harrigan

"Knowledge of the three worlds is needed for a spiritual director to effectively assist a person to spiritual life. Knowledge of the astral world, which many psychics possess, is helpful in understanding many anomalous experiences and in explaining the undercurrent dynamics affecting a person, but this knowledge is insufficient for promoting true spiritual life. The word 'spiritual' is commonly used to refer to the non-material. But here it is reserved for use as a technical term denoting a person's experience of Makara point and above, where the celestial realm is accessed and guidance by celestial beings is more easily available. Astral entities are sometimes mistaken for celestial beings by people who do not yet have the gift of increased discernment that is bestowed and cultivated at Makara point. Astral entities can take advantage of this naivete' and appear in the guise of celestial beings or present themselves as celestial ones. A case in point could be channeled entities, who may be of the astral realm and so have access to the Akashic record (subtle knowledge of life). Their teachings may contain useful information and some wisdom, but they may not be celestial beings. They could be merely educated astrals. Just because they are channeled does not mean they are right.Caveat emptor (buyer beware) is always a helpful cautio in discerning a true spiritual teacher, be they embodied or not."
thank you for sharing that snippet. the language is somewhat alien to me, but the point seems very conducive to the essay i wrote. i am going to continue my personal story in my column in the near future, including the phase where i worked as a medium and parasitic entity remover. i have considerable experience over the four years i worked, and some good stories to share.

Sharing a different experience.

I have been involved with spiritualism for the last 40+ years, I worked professionally as a clairvoyant for 10+ years.

Some mediums in the old school of spiritualism were specifically chosen and trained to remove such entities, but yet we all have gatekeepers and if a gatekeeper is not doing a very good job, then I advise people to ask for it to be changed. As far as I am concerned negative entities/energies can only vibrate at a 3rd dimensional level.

We are all raising our consciousness and as we do so, we are creating a new metaphysical plane of existence. This higher vibration that many are vibrating at, is above such entities. In fact the more love that you are, the less protection that you need.

An analogy: An angel can descend to our frequency to assist us, but yet we cannot ascend to the angelic realms. It is the same for us many are now vibrating at such a high vibration but yet we can still operate in the 3rd dimensional reality e.g walking between the worlds/dimensions.

The other thing to remember is your conscious intent, if you have a belief in such entities you can create them with your conscious intent. Renown scientist, William Tiller has now proven scientifically that research outcomes are effected by conscious intent and in my experience it is the same with spirit energies.

If you create fear of such entities, you can also lower your own vibrational frequency and leave yourself wide open to this manifestation. What you think and intent you will indeed co-create. I agree with conscious awareness of the possibilities but also teach people to transcend all/any negative energy.

As far as the higher vibrations are concerned there is absolutely no comparison between a deceased loved one and Jesus or Mary. The difference in the energy frequency is vast, and beyond most people's comprehension and experience. But yet the more people raise their vibration the more able they are to experience such mystical experiences. In my humble experience this does not happen through desire or aspiration. It is usually those that are the most reluctant that get to see, hear and experience the most of the higher planes, individuals are specifically chosen for their discernment and integrity, and the soul has chosen this journey pre-incarnation. Some choose to align their human will with the divine will of soul.

Working with the higher planes is a huge responsibility, and few are willing to give it either the total dedication, or solid commitment required to be an instrument for divine will.

Love beyond measure

Hello again, I would like to ask for your help in getting rid of two parasitic entities that have tortured me for the past 6 years. I have so desperately sought aid from chatholic priests who just threw some holy water on my head to others who have said they can do nothing to help me. Please reply. Thank you.
I just read the dates on these replies and they are really old.
Most introductory books on working magick include instructions for how to do basic protection and banishings to clear out unwanted invisible influences. You can look up step by step instructions on the internet for the LBRP (lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram) -- it's very common among magickal practitioners and is a good standard cleansing and protecting technique.

Some books that I'd recommend that have been published recently that cover protection magick include:

"The Sorceror's Secrets" by Jason Miller.

"The Witches' Book of the Dead" by Christian Day.

"Magickal Self Defense" by Kerr Cuhulain.

The classic text on the subject is Dion Fortune's "Psychic Self-Defense" but you might have to special-order it or look for it on the internet on Amazon to get a copy.