Light Poetry

Riding An Updraft

and I am riding an updraft
of distraction

the window is opened
and I am flying
I am out of the zone
I am a dim bulb
with no focus
no magic
no moment to savor

lost again
in a fast forward world
rewinding and rehashing
the same sh*t
over and over
till it fills up your head
and haunts every tick
of the clock

and I fight the undertow
in my thirst
for silence

©2002 DC Vision

Shade Of Grey

winter skies
are manifesting
every conceivable
shade of grey
leadened by the
sway of jet streams
better times
and sunnier days

but it is in these
shades of grey
that I find a suitable
state of contemplative
emotional clarity
it's never black or white
stormy or fair
long enough to carry me
off somewhere
that I don't want to be
or where I should be

winter skies
are manifesting
a resonating
shade of grey
for me not to
fade or fall
or rage or run
someplace inside

© 2003 DC Vision

Smoke & Mirrors

dancing the mysteries into life
naked in a world of hobbyists
if this were not my fate
I would be channel surfing
from amateur drama and strife

pop there goes another cell
you never know how fragile
your best selling fiction is
until you come face to face with
something that can unveil your hell

I am susceptible to times like this
I cannot innocently walk by
a long row of shiny dominoes
without giving the closest one
a rough and tumbled kiss

drown in your passions
get drunk on your favorite poisons
I am an island paradise
in your turbulent ocean
of self gluttony and rations

my pulse rate never changes
my interest level never wanes
but if you blink or think too long
I will move onto someone
who can handle these exchanges

bye bye say I precious little one
what you think you may know
of our passing experiences
will leave you holding smoke
when this long day is done

©2003 DC Vision

Spiritual Charade

what I have been led to believe
that you are a mirror of me
I no longer accept
in totality
you are not reflecting me
when you are cruel
when you are loveless
when you are without grace

I am not searching my psyche any longer
for clues to my inner child's shortcomings
I am seeing your darkness
for what it really is:
it is yours
I walk away from your emotional routines
and find sanctuary
in hearts like mine
I will disown your world
and finish with this spiritual charade

I shudder to think
that I have judged myself so harshly
for so many years
for so much bullsh*t
go be king of your mountain
no one cares
but yourself

the mighty will roar
from their sh*t heaps
across chasms of self-importance
while I
shall remain free
from the tyranny
of defecation elevation

if you don't give a sh*t
don't fertilize with it

©2003 DC Vision

The Fade Out

ring ring
machine picks up
not here
screening calls
leave a message
if it makes
you feel better

I have fallen hard
for this cave
and its interior
how it fits
whatever surfaces
into consciousness

unhealthy maybe
but I'm enjoying
the fade out
lost my appetite
for civilization
and its discontents
and its spokespeople

I'm having a daydream
in your nightmare
where only foreign tongues
are spoken
by the hard of hearing
it's as entertaining
as it is frustrating

thought maybe
if I could slip away
I could explore
down the corridors
where the conditioned
fear to tread

I've got one foot out
and tangled webs
struggle to hold
one foot in
I stand between
what I long for
with a foothold in each

©2003 DC Vision

The Final Fact

We all die alone,
going with ease
or fighting all the way,
into the unknowable,
yet often surmised mystery
of death.

No one may be known completely,
even our closest confidants
never truly sharing
the private thoughts
the separate moments
that makes us singularities.

We all die alone
anxious for a witness,
with proof of our existence
in the final fact...
that we are not alone
in our yearning.

©2003 DC Vision

The Lies That Bind

in this quiet hour
lost in a smoke
and starlit skies
i wander the universe
in my head
or is it my heart
somewhere between
these thoughts haunt me
but now i am made
to be painfully aware

the truths that were hidden
in this awareness i can see
and my memories of blindness
have a nostalgic appeal to me
we are vessels of needs
defending psychotic turf
truth is as new to me
as your ears are to hearing it

but in the quiet hours
with judge and jury of self
we are naked without noise
and revealed...
we are liars of faith
we are liars of love
we are liars of caring
we are liars that we have
anything left to give
and we are liars that we want
nothing in return

let us all stay unconscious
because only if we are
deaf dumb and blind
will there be nothing left
to lie about
or any annoying conscience
to know that truth
is sometimes the greatest
lie of them all

©2003 DC Vision

The Metaphysical Mile

I have rode the wake
of the ebb and flow of tides
for some time now
I feel I'm more relaxed
treading the waters
within and without me

I have been born into
a weighted responsibility
that hangs between humility
and whatever created
the universe
I am learning to swim
the blur of this
metaphysical mile
that it may touch
both other lives
and mine

what do I know
of being a holy man
I feel inadequate
and unworthy
to be on any pedestal
that is not of my making
or understanding

but free will
is the delusion
of the dreamer
and my eyes are wide open
I am obedient
in this calling
and in this fine line
so that no shadows
are cast
If it were about me
I would find it easier
to sleep

and if it were about me
I'd never of allowed
the tide to take me
the symbology has not
eluded me
that the ocean
is measured in 'fathoms'
because swimming
a metaphysical mile
feels like 6 feet under

©2003 DC Vision

The Middle Way

when I am blessed
with the eyes to see
and the ears to hear you
I stand upon a mountain
and can see forever through your eyes
I can feel the layout
of the inner terrain
I can love myself
by loving you
and this grace
spills out into the world

when I found my footing atop the mountain
I looked around to see the lofty community
I tried to speak of joy
and was told to be silent
I wanted to dance in the thin air
and was told to just be
It's not that I crave titillation
just an enactment of this liberation
perhaps in my infancy
you could learn from me
what it is to be alive
and naked in this world
without the weight
of dusty disciplines

I cannot rest in this place
knowing that there are still
those striving to reach the summit
so although the view is wonderful
and the peace is a living thing
I begin to climb back down
and take one last look around
and feel sad for this loneliness
in the oneness
and half way down the summit
I get the view
of the community
of those neither here
nor there

a hand up for you.
you can continue to the summit
or you can offer your hand too
to the ones who are arriving
and striving
for that mountain view
I have been there
and have found light there
but here is where I belong

on the top of the mountain
there is liberation
but halfway
there is grace
and simple love's discovery
this is what drives me
this is my calling
to replace your worn out shoes
with new ones
and to give you the support
to continue
your climb to the top
of this mountain,
and take in the view

perhaps I will falter a bit
and find you standing here
next to me
supporting me
to remind me
of the view
from where I stand
It's a beautiful day
when you know what you are
and why you are here

I take in the landscape
of this middle way
and find solace on this day
I breath it in deeply
and am brought back to this moment
by the next seeker
with outstretched hand
I am here for you
take my hand,
and may grace find you
in wonder at your journey

©2003 DC Vision

The Smoking Cell

this season for me has ended
I've taken my early retirement
from the stage of scripted life
and took a seat in the theater

all the roles that I have played
rolled off my tongue with ease
so comfortable as a chameleon
in the vacuous appetites of my peers

we've been attracted to titillation
we've been in love with background noise
I had not known a moment of peace
from the chatter of my own expectations

but I've grown weary of distraction
and superficial sweeteners
it took only a moment's hold of silence
for me to stretch it into eternity

this is the song's lovely lyrics
that have always escaped my mind
because the words never reached
beyond my moving lips to the heart

some go out like a phoenix rising
some leave behind new philosophies
some alter our perceptive realities
and some disappear so effortlessly

I am of this moment of our time
a witness to the decline of originality
there is truly nothing new under the sun
that hasn't been already screwed up to perfection

©2003 DC Vision

The Sun Still Rises Over Penobscot Bay

dancing on the hot coals
of rapid change
leaves you breathless
and leaning heavily
on the brakes

oh to be in the world
and not be of it
then it might be noticed
how absolutely
it is a place of sensitivity
and sanctuary

i want to celebrate
my existence
and the ecstasy
satiated and underrated
or over appreciated
of sparked wonderment
and its release

in the rhythm
of Orion
pacing the southern skies
waking to
the sensual connect
of elements
colliding throughout
the environment
and me

and those times
those precious times
when i am seen
and heard
as the explorer i am
and am trying to be
we are always
one moment away

from happy
from home
from knowing truth
from laughing out loud
from being unafraid
from embracing love
from living large
from breaking the barrier
and skin of this dream

and i am here
and i am now
and i am awake
and i am crying
because the sun
will rise
over penobscot bay
and i will be able
to greet it
once again

©2003 DC Vision

The Way With Words

i watch the sad dance
of people overweight
with intellectual girth
fighting over the subtle
meanings of definitions
and clinging fast to limitation

dressed in oral fare
this debating decoy
is not about growth
it is for validation
of beliefs

in knowing
one sees the other
as having truth
to their experiences
truth is relevant
and truth is fictitious
as the chattering mind
that clings to it

you cannot convince anyone
that you cannot hear
because defending one's turf
does not support exploration

when you find the sense
to have mature discourse
is it not an irony
that everyone spoke
and wrote
of the same thing
only with different tongues
using inflexible words

in the end
we were really talking to ourselves
in our illusion
of confusing the form
for the substance
we never translated
the words of the other
to see that we were
describing limited perceptions

not seeing our commonality
for the littleness
of big words
and vicarious concepts
in reality
when the motives are stripped bare
and the masks are cast aside
it really was
nothing at all
but a script

©2003 DC Vision
Until We Sleep

there was no time
and space
or separation
or limitation
to bind us

we danced
as energy
so awake
so free
and complete

we are light
until we sleep
then dream
and forget
and ride the tides
of matter

© 2002 DC Vision


I am lonely
and yet
want to be left alone
I am poor
and yet
all my needs are met

I am in a hurry
but have found
peace in going nowhere
I am not up
I am not down
I just am

I grew tired of sojourning,
when I finally realized that
all of my discoveries
were found within
fleeting truths are the only
secrets contained in the lines
of unfolded maps

I found the end
of the rainbow
after decades of seeking
there was no
pot of gold
there was nothing
and nothing
means everything
to me today
©2003 DC Vision


Seeing the decay
of my untapped wonder
frightened me
worse than any fiction.

When the ambitious addictions
wear off and you wake up
to the decades in blur,
you get a brief moment
between taking another hit
of the bullsh*t trip,
or fighting the undertow,
by seeing for yourself
if what you are made of
is the open road
of change.

And I said zoom,
and gave up my ghosts
for the road that was paved
with progressive intentions.

©2003 DC Vision