Genesis 2;7 begins Mesopotamian Civilization

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In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. Then he continued creating everything in this entire world over the next 6 days. An on the seventh day God rested. Gen.2;2 But the bible does't tell us when this all happened.

Then, only three verses later Gen.2;5 says "there was not a man to till the ground." This is because the timeperiod that the Bible is talking about here is the dawn of civilization in Mesopotamia. At this time everybody else was still cavemen and didn't yet large scale farm.

Archeology tells us that at about 4000BC mankind began large scale farming, discovered metal and began building cities. The Bible tells us the same and long before Archeology said it.Gen.4;17,22 From this point on civilization swiftly increased and developed.

So Genesis names Adam and Eve as the ones who began Mesopotamian civilization. At this time Mankind began to copy their creator and build, develope and create the modern world. For 6000 years he has continued. Archeology tells us that. The Bible told us that "one of God's days is as 1000." So Mankind took 6000 years to do his creating coping God who took just 6 days. 2Pet.3;8 At last we have created a paradise, at least in the Christian 1st world.

We in European Christian Europe arae liveing lifestyles today that are amazingly close to the supernatural. Some of us are mesmerized by it all and don't see the fulfillment of the miracles that were forcast in the bible. These miracles are happening today in plain sight of us and yet are little being noticed! Are we living in "thy kingdom come on earth" that Christians have been praying for over 2000 years? Matt.6;10 dan b
Good God man!:eek:
This present age is very far from the "kingdom".
regardless of the marvels we can do with technology (which are still infantile).
I would like to see a specific elaboration of these alleged "miracles that were forecast in the Bible" (with associated verses) before concluding that we live in the Kingdom in the present day.
The forcasts of Jesus are as amazing an mysterious as his actions. They are wonderful indeed and the many inner meaning seem to multiply upon deeper investigation. For instance it is written that he walked first upon "earth", them upon "water" and lastly upon the "Air." This is the same progression as that described in the Genesis creation Story. Consider some of his other forcasts concerning time, deeds, and secrets.


Destruction and time of troubles as never before has been forcast to immediately precede the morning of the third day of third millennium. At this time as never before he said there would be the possibility for total destruction. So it was in 1999AD. How did he predict that since there were 20 centuries between him and us today?


Only today in this modern world do we have antennas and satelite dishes on many "rooftops" which are beaming and announcing the secrets of almost everyone including the American President and calling it the news! This wasn't possible or forseeable before this last few years. Thats a miacle! Are some so dulled by modernism that they can't see this/


Today in our modern literate world nearly every activity and every action is indeed written in a book. More and more events, activities and transactions are being recorded and documented as they have never been until the twentieth century. Is that not a miacle? How could the Bible predict the exact end of the century when this would be happening? The bible sets the day 2000AD, because a day=1000 years. It could have said it would happen in 1899AD or 2500AD. But it didn't. Don't be naive, the Bible named, with 2 Pet.3;8 and other verses this time! Wake up! I know the antichrist has misted the place with modern complacency. It's a miracle!


Today, many people travel in airplanes. How could a mortal man have known this would occure exactly 19 centuries after Jesus. The bible clealy says it. Praise the Lord!!! dan b
Doesn't the Bible record Jesus as saying these events would happen within a generation? If so, wouldn't the siege of Jerusalem by the Romans be a pretty good event to relate to these claims of prophecy?
It seems to me that everything stated in the Bible happens then and now, it happens twice. The first covenant and the second. The first man Adam and the last. So Jesus spoke simotaneously about the fall of Jerusalem then and the fall of the world now.(but that happened before 2000AD) Today were in the millennium.(In the first world) The millennium was forcast for the Lost Tribes of Israel who Jesus's appostle took the message to, the ones who followed his, not everyone else. They have to wait until the "second death."Rev.20;12 dan b
Just a thought about the start of civilisation. Archaeology does not proove that Mesapotamian civilisation started c.4000 BC, there is alot of evidence that it goes back further. The same is true for the Egyptian civilisation and Minoan (Cretan) civilisation. I can't comment on Biblical prophesy etc, because I believe that is about faith. Some aspects of what is said in the Bible corresponds with archaeology, however other parts do not.