Local Chip week....

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לבעוט את התחת ולקחת שמות
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Just thought I'd bring this up in these forums... Strange for a nation banging on about 'your five a day' and all the organic foods and healthy living and all that bollox...... That this week.... Is, local chip (fries to you yankees!) week...... LOL. So I thought I'd give you all a heads up!

Get loaded up on carbs and grease this week! This week only!! :D Coming to a town NEAR. YOU.
Best when fried in fresh beef tallow.:)
Quite fattening if done wrong, but otherwise a tasty dish.
The thing that irks me about the makers of these is that they will, for economic reasons fry them in an inferior vegetable oil and they will use the oil far longer than is safe to do so, resulting in fries which healthwise resemble a product dipped in engine oil or semi-processed plastic.
yeh its a paranoid experience purchasing a fish supper nowadays from a chippy concerning the quality of the oil. Must say I have been severely disappointed in general with the tastiness compared to home made. Also, it used be an affordable 'working class supper' and now is extortionate [from a fish and tattie land] and so it is a rare occurrence for me.
About 20 years ago I used to frequent a small fish and chip shop which was here in my hometown and it was really good.
But then they hit the big time and franchised all over NA.
Recently I was in the back of one of these establishments putting our dry steam generator to the test and the owner gave us all a fish meal after.
The grease was the standard grease that all these stores use and it was not a meal I will repeat.
I will make my own batter at home and fry my own fish.
That way I know what is in it (for the most part anyway).
Didn't realise.... About the oil factor.... Like eating plastic you say? lol sheeet... Well... I guess for some It is a really cheap meal though right? I was looking at the prices in a chippy window last night... Could feed three people on big chips big fish for £11.00....

We had two pizza's last night.... That came to £24.95 (and that is with a 25% discount.)

So.... Good deal... I have always LOVED the smell of fish chips... Makes me drool... But it never tastes as good as -that- smell... MMMMM
It has been my experience that all versions of "fast" food/street food/common food are better when purchased from locally-owned and operated concerns.
chips are great, but probably not every day, deep frying apparently locks in all the vitamin C and besides potatoes are a good source of food !