"True" Believers


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What is a "true" believer?

simply put it is anyone who wants an almighty church or an almighty state or an almighty anything ____________ (pick whatever you wish to fill in the blank), a huge misty symbol which demands everything you've got and gives in return only a feeling of belonging.
A pathetic offering which reveals that all of these almighty whatevers like to take advantage of the fact that humanity is wounded.....a lonesome creature which feels itself to be separate from each other and from the Source of ALL.
So these opportunists come along and take advantage of that fact by trading in that coin.
The followers of such establishments are easy prey.
Individuals who cannot stand on their own psychic feet who seek a Father or Mother figure to nurture them and look after them who they can revere as "their Lord" or "the Boss" or "their God".
Such people want to be followers as they do not wish to be accountable for their own actions so they seek a Cause, a Leader, a King whom or which they can obey, who will give them direction.
thus they reinforce the very separation inside themselves which made them vulnerable to such exploitative realities in the first place.

The real deal is that you already have a connection inside of you to the Source of ALL that is.
You are all Kings, yet you live like slaves.
You know everything, yet live like imbeciles, letting others decide for you.