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When I considered that the natural resources of this planet are being consumed as if there were no tomorrows in waiting, if I were to reincarnate I would be returning to a world that is going to be more poverty ridden, more violent, and more than likely far more war-ridden as nations begin to topple the less armored nations to gather the booty of their natural resources. This bleak realization sobered me up a bit as to why becoming Self aware might be in my best interest. To become Self aware, I figured it is absolutely necessary to become someone who is in the world, but not of it.

As long as I was body-centric, and believed my life was about working for a living, gathering resources with the pieces of paper (money) that I earned, and the propagation of the body's genetic lineage, then I would slumber this life away, and be back for yet another life on the roulette wheel. No enlightened person has ever stated, to my knowledge, that the body's needs and the continuation of the human species was the meaning of life.

In order to become in the world and not of it, I had to simplify my existence. I had to eliminate those things that kept me distracted and in a constant state of unconscious or body-centric activity. This could only be accomplished by starting over, cleaning house, and keeping those things that were of necessity for survival, and casting aside anything that was not utilized to remind me of my true Self. I kept those things that helped maintain my focus on Self reality, and got rid of those distractions that kept me incoherent and asleep.

Simplifying became like an obsession once I caught the spirit of it. I found ways to maintain a peaceful environment to live within, and ways to cut costs and reduce debt so that the things in my live no longer owned me. There was no reason on earth why I had to toil the majority of my live to acquire and retain things that have little value but to keep me working because of debt. I discovered ways to live the most frugal lifestyle as possible, so that I could begin to enjoy the most valuable possession that I have...time. Working two jobs to possess brand name cacophonies is a waste of this incarnation, and I would have been blessed with another life to start up where I had left off...trying to fill that void in the center of me with things, instead of presence.

Simplifying became a way of life eventually, once I began to reap the benefits of it. How many of the friends in my life were necessary? Are they reminding me of what I am, or are they leftovers from an age of socializing and tittilation? Do they enrich me, or do they drain me? How much money do I pay for new items, when there is likely a few thrift stores within driving distance? Do I buy water in designer bottles, or do I own a filtering sysytem to refill bottles - at a tiny fraction of the cost? I never knew how much money and time I could save, until I began trimming away the scripted life that I had led. As the saying goes: "You cannot serve two masters."

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