Theosophy: What Kind of Place is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth?

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"What Kind of Place is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth?"

--> I thought I'd offer an answer from two sources, one which is a theosophical source* and another which was a good friend who was also an excellent psychic.

According to the theory, we are not near the end of the world, but we are perhaps 60-70% of the way there. There are a number of people who have fallen so far behind in their spiritual development that they will not be able to catch up and achieve enlightenment by the end of our allotted time here on earth. In addition, these people are creating a lot of trouble in the world, and making our task of making progress towards enlightenment more difficult than it needs to be. According to the theory, these people will soon be removed from earth soon, and be sent elsewhere. This will allow the rest of us to continue to advance towards the very difficult goal of enlightenment, without these laggards and troublemakers continuing to ruin the rest of the limited opportunity we have to achieve enlightenment (especially because the laggards have fallen too far behind to be able to put their time on earth to good use any more anyway).

Look about you and see how a small number of people create most of the trouble in the world. Consider how much a nicer place this world will be when these troublemakers have been sent away. Imagine a world of no more wars (and no more computer viruses!) It will seem to us as if heaven has been achieved on earth. According to my theory, this is the meaning of the phrase "heaven on earth."

(*The book, The Inner Life)
I think there was such good discussion on the original thread on the Christian board ... that overall I wouldn't know where to begin, or what to add/adjust in a discussion under Alternative. Perhaps I could leave that to others, until we find a fork worth investigating ... or if the idea of `Judgment Days' becomes important that can be the focus. {a few words on it, anyway:}

My recollection from various teachings (probably Mahatma Letters if not elsewhere) is that our largest fork of note, so to speak, will occur in the 2nd half of the 5th Round. This is where 3/5ths of Humanity is supposed to move onward, while 2/5ths moves into a temporary Pralaya, or condition of evolutionary stasis.

This falling asleep in the bosom of Creation (perhaps there are other, different ways to imagine it?) refers to only those human units which have not entered the Path ... meaning, I suppose, having taken either the 1st Initiation, or perhaps one of the Probationary Initiations. I am inclined to believe the former.

Then again, evolution may have reached such a condition then, that the equivalent of our 1st, or `Stream-entering' Initiation will in fact be what today is the 3rd Initiation (the First in the Lodge on Sirius) ... as we already know that the requirements are according to an adjusting `Scale' (having changed quite recently, and also having been different on the Moon Scheme). On 2nd thought, this latter notion seems the more likely (Master DK refers to a Sirian `stimulation' which certain human units will need to undergo; perhaps this is coincident with the 5th-Round Judgment Day, but I'd have to look it up to find out.)

Another, earlier fork in our evolution might occur, however, at the close of the current world period ... being that portion of the Round wherein the life-wave is active on the 4th globe. And this isn't so very far ahead, maybe some several, or several dozen millions of years.

Earlier, similar types of adjustments are probably being made all of the time, but I would think certain punctuations are more significant than the others. For certain groups of Souls which have caused trouble since Atlantean days, I speculate that there may be something like rescue missions being undertaken. Or at least, this is how I rather imagine they might be viewed from the Inner Planes.

From that (imagined) p.o.v./perspective, it is we who have fallen into the `Dream' ... and the task at hand has come to be the Awakening of the Sons of Men to the point where we can and will accept the Divine Imperative, cooperate with the Plan as best we're able, and (this means in part) take our own evolution into our OWN hands, post-haste! {Outwardly, bifurcation of consciousness, motive - Soul vs. personality, and method may appear to prevail, yet inwardly we know there is but One, Human SOUL ... while nevertheless this must only correspond to what we understand now, in a Bridging sense as Group(s) Consciousness. Thus the Inner and the outer can co-exist, with only apparent duality; neither is less real, though we can certainly speak of metaphysical distinctions and even different stages of ontological signficance. But why seek to obfuscate? ;)}

This point is one that I'm not fully up to speed on, yet I do believe it's worth exploring the idea that it is we who are initiating plenty of the changes here in the New Era, and that there is thus a new way of considering the familiar topic of the Path of Initiation. I know that for me, with my piscean tendences, it stretches me a bit, but this has been pointed out over & over, that the Masters no longer relate to us in the guru-shishya format ... since Aquarius is the Era of Group Consciousness and GROUP Discipleship.

I believe that this (need for an) adjusted consideration or appreciation of the topic of (treading the Path of) Initiation is useful for understanding the Nature, function and even appearance of the Kingdom of Heaven that is approaching. It is required, in the very least, that we ask ourselves what our task(s) is(are) in relation to the Masters and Hierarchy ... and be able to see how (much) this has evolved since the days of Cagliostro and the Wonderman of Europe, HPB in her next incarnation (as HPB), and even the transitional period into the 20th Century (with the Temple of the People playing a crucial role) as well as beyond.

We may be considering a topic that has ties with Universal Law, Rhythm(s) and Order ... yet the application is ever specific, ever inclusive of the Individual, and always (in the way we should be considering it) geared toward the greatest possible Good for the greatest possible Number.

I'm pretty sure I couldn't tread lightly enough to say more, so how about I wait for other folks' thoughts. Nick?

It is fascinating to consider there are various "judgement days" that we go through before we can get to enlightenment. As you have mentioned, I am referring to a "judgement day" that will happen well before this human race leaves this planet. And I see it happen much, much sooner than a million years in the future.

Then there is the "judgement day" that each person faces at the end of each reincarnation. Even more significant is the "judgement day" when a person achieves enlightenment and is no longer required to reincarnate.

But I also agree with you that we will face a number of "judgement days" even after this human race has left earth.

I am not sure what you mean by "rescue missions," but it sounds fascinating.

I am not sure that it is we who are initiating plenty of the changes here in the New Era. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

You said,

"I believe that this (need for an) adjusted consideration or appreciation of the topic of (treading the Path of) Initiation is useful for understanding the Nature, function and even appearance of the Kingdom of Heaven that is approaching."

--> How do you relate the Path of Initiation to the kingdom of heaven?