Plutarch was right about Delphi

Gas sniffing prophets? I shall visit downtown LA more frequently then...
brian said:
Seems there really was a gas vent under the temple, intoxicating the Pythia priestess!

Oracle's secret fault found
So what? What's the difference between this and drinking wine at a religious ceremony? The use of hallucinogenics is prevalent throughout the world in order to establish a God connection. However, the key here is to have it adminstered by someone who knows what they're doing, say like the shamanic priest or what not.

While I understand something similar was responsible for the atomsphere of the proceedings at Eleusis, where the initiates were supposed to have partaken of fermented barley cakes or, perhaps even rye which, is known for its ability to produce LSD. Or at least this is what someone had posted on another thread in a different forum. It sounded like he knew what he was talking about anyway. :)